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Welcome to Day 95 of 100 Days of Disney here on The Purple Pumpkin Blog! Be sure to check out all of the other posts in this series, and if you would like to share your own Disney blog posts or pictures, make sure you check out our #100DaysOfDisney Link Party!

It’s the penultimate Theme Park Thursday for #100DaysOfDisney!

There are four Walt Disney World theme parks in Orlando – Magic Kingdom (MK), Animal Kingdom (AK), Epcot (EP) and Disney Hollywood Studios (DHS)…and last year, we thought it would be fun to visit them ALL in one day! We had a lot of fun doing it, and all the Cast Members we spoke to about it thought we were bonkers, but all it takes is a little forward planning and it really is quite simple to do and no more tiring than a regular day at one park :D

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Tip #1 – Decide on the park order

You will want to factor in the time it takes to get from one park to another, especially if you are using Disney transportation. We started at DHS, followed by AK, EP and ending in MK. If you’re not knackered, it’s the perfect place to end for Wishes fireworks!

If I was using Disney transportation I would probably start at AK, then catch a bus to Animal Kingdom Lodge (buses don’t travel park to park) to catch a bus to DHS. Then catch a Friendship Boat over to Epcot, and finally the monorail round to MK.

Tip #2 – Have a photo taken at each park’s entrance

Hold 1, 2, 3 or 4 fingers up indicating which number park you are on. It makes a great momento!

Disney Hollywood Studios

Tip #3 – Start early!

Get to the first park for the rope drop so that you can maximise the amount of time in each park. Allow 2 hours in the parks, and another hour in between for transferring between parks. You might find this changes as you visit each park. Just use that as a guide! In my trip report from that day, I gave the timings that we had.

Tip #4 – As a group, pick one ride or attraction that you want to do in each park

This is the ride that you will make a beeline for. With the new FastPass+(FP+) system you can only book FP+ for one park – you can’t mix and match, but I am hopefull that Disney will change that in the future. You could book an FP+ for maybe the most popular ride at one park to save on the lines.

If you find you get your ride/attraction done with time to spare, see if you can fit something else in! Or have a plan B if the line is way too long!

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Animal Kingdom

Tip #5 – Stay focused!

If you want to fit all the parks in, in one day, you will have to do a bit of clock watching. You may find you spend more time in one park than another too. This is likely to be based on your personal favourite parks!

Tip #6 – Grab breakfast/lunch/dinner at a Counter Service eatery

You don’t need to book in Advance Dining Reservations, and it’s quicker to grab something on the run from somewhere like this.

>> Dining & Snack Options at Magic Kingdom


Tip #7 – Take in your surroundings

Hitting 4 theme parks in one day can feel a bit frantic, but if you stick to just one ride/attraction, then you have time to just stop a bit and look around!

Tip #8 – When you get to park #4…relax!

You’ve made it, so that means no more rushing about. Pat yourselves on the back for visiting the four corners of the World!!

Magic Kingdom

We are going to attempt four parks in one day again this summer – not sure if we’ll stick to the same order as last year, or switch it up. Whatever happens, Magic Kingdom will be the last park of the day!


Have you visited all four Walt Disney World parks in one day?
Day 95 of #100DaysOfDisney is done – 5 to go!
Come back tomorrow for another Disney related blog post!

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