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Disney Hollywood Studios
September 3rd, 2013

Here we are, the last full day of our 2013 trip: The Pumpkins Pop Back to Florida! We couldn’t decide which Disney park we wanted to visit on our last day, so we thought, why not ALL the parks?! And that’s exactly what we did!

As we visited each park, we had a photo taken by the Disney Photopass Photographer and explained that we were visiting all the parks in one day, and the reason for us making a number sign with our fingers! They were all happy to take photos with our own camera, and I was able to make the image above without waiting for our Photopass pics!

All of them said we were crazy for attempting it, but with a rough plan in mind of the rides we wanted to do, it was pretty easy, and no more taxing than any other full day at a Disney park!

We set off bright and early, with a quick stop on the way to a shop to buy a holdall – we ran out of room in all the suitcases we had :P I started the day off in different clothes too – I ended up buying the dress I’m wearing today from the shop!

With the bag and dress bought, we drove first to Disney Hollywood Studios. The main agenda here was to go and watch Muppetivision 3D which had been closed for refurbishment on our whole trip.

I am having to write today’s trip report completely from memory because I didn’t write a single thing down – whoops – so just going by my photographs of things that we must have done!

Once through bag check and ticket/fingerprint scan, we made our way into the park for the first photograph of the day of the three of us in front of the Sorcerer’s Hat, holding one finger up to indicate this was the first park of the day.

We then quickly walked towards Star Tours because we can’t visit DHS without going on this ride! It’s one of our favourites!

I’m pretty sure that this was a walk on, and once again, we really enjoyed Star Tours ride. There are, I believe, around 50 different scenarios for the ride – where you go, who you meet at the end, and so far we’ve not done the same ride twice. This ride is definitely on our must do list!

We then walked towards the area where Muppetvision 3D was – The Muppets make me very nostalgic, so it was another must!

The theatre for this show wasn’t very busy, so we just sat wherever we wanted to – for 3D films I prefer the back because I seem to see the effects much better. So plonking our butts down in the centre, a few rows from the back, we waited for the show to start.

You definitely have to love The Muppets to enjoy this show, at least I think so! It’s probably wasted on the younger generation!

We then did a little bit of final wandering around. Found Lightning McQueen and Mater and had some pics done – Liam didn’t want to be in them, which made me sad for a moment that my boy is growing up way too quick! But hubs and I had some done with a Disney Photographer ^_^

Still mildly annoyed me that I couldn’t get a nice front view of the Sorcerer’s Hat because of the stage set up in front for the Monsters University thing they have going on, so a side one had to do instead!

We walked back down towards the exit and stopped to look in the shops on the way…I see that Liam is holding a bag in one of the pics so I reckon we must have bought a magnet which is our go-to souvenir when we’re away on hols or out for the day!

A final goodbye to Disney Hollywood Studios and we hopped on a tram back to our car to make our way to the second park of the day – Animal Kingdom!

I realised it’s probably a good idea to tell you how long we spent in the parks, so I checked the times on my photographs…The first one was taken in front of the Sorcerer’s Hat at 8.24am, and the final photo I took was at 9.45am. So we spent about an hour and 15 mins in Disney Hollywood Studios!

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