Nintendo Piranha Plant & Super Mushroom Salad!

I took a bag of boring old salad leaves and put them in a bowl…the more I looked at them, the more the rocket (arugula) leaves started to remind me of one of Mario’s enemies – the piranha plant…I then added some radishes that I shaped into super mushrooms, and voilà… Piranha Plant & Super Mushroom Salad!

Ideal for a Nintendo themed birthday party!


I also bought some pre-made salads and dips…coleslaw became Petey Piranha Slaw, potato salad became Goomba Potato Salad (because they look like potatoes?!) and the hoummus became Bob-Omb Dip, no reason, just because I like Bob-Ombs ^_^.  I didn’t name the carrot and cucumber sticks…>_<