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Wow, is it really that time of year when we all start thinking about Christmas, and buying gifts? The year has gone by so quickly hasn’t it?! I’ve got a series of gift guides to share with you this year, and today it’s 12+ fabulous Christmas gift ideas for foodies. I’m sure there is at least one or two gifts here that would be perfect for the special foodies in your life…

12+ Fabulous Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies! Do you know someone that LOVES food, but are stuck on what to buy them? Check out my foodie gift guide for lots of ideas and inspiration!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies

I’ve reached out to brands for this Christmas Gift Guide, so products marked with an asterisk (*) have been gifted to me. Other items I’ve included are things I think would make a great gift, or an addition to a gift basket or Christmas stocking. This post also contains Amazon Affiliate and other affiliate links. If you clicked the link then made a purchase, a small percentage of the sale price would be paid to this me. It doesn’t cost you anything more but it helps keep the lights on over here!


This guide is detailed (and long!) Of course I would love you to browse through all the items within it, but if you are short on time, each of the links listed will jump to the relevant section. Don’t forget you can save this post to Pinterest to read later. Or maybe share it on Facebook to drop a few hints!

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Belgian star Duvel, winner of Gold in the ‘Strong Blonde / Golden Ale’ category at the Brussels Beer Challenge 2018, has unveiled its Devilish Duet gift pack. It contains:

  • a 330-ml bottle of Duvel Belgian Golden Ale
  • a 330-ml bottle of Duvel Tripel Hop ‘Citra’
  • a Duvel-branded glass
Duvel's Devilish Duet New Gift Pack

Duvel, Flemish for ‘Devil’, is seen as an icon among strong golden ales. Its bouquet is lively and tickles the nose with an element of citrus from its two hop varieties Saaz-Saaz and Styrian Golding. This is also reflected in the flavour, which is beautifully balanced with a hint of spiciness. The high CO2 content gives Duvel a wonderful roundness in the mouth and its iconic look – a rich foamy head with fine bubbles, served in its beautiful, tulip-shaped Duvel glass, specially designed to accentuate its aromas and carbonation. Duvel is both the perfect thirst quencher and the ideal aperitif.

Duvel Tripel Hop began life in 2010, with its brewers innovating every year by adding a third hop variety and a heightened alcohol to their hero beer. Each spring, this resulted in the launch of a limited edition Duvel Tripel Hop at 9.5%abv, with the flavour profile of the third hop strutting its stuff.

Duvel brewers do not simply add a third hop variety when creating the Tripel Hop, they also adopt a special ‘dry-hopping’ process, adding extra hop cones during the final lagering stage in the brewing process. This results in intensified, refined hop aromas in the finished beer.

Six Tripel Hop beers later, in 2016, Duvel went in search of the ultimate Duvel Tripel Hop, by re-brewing all the previous Tripel Hop beers. More than 5,000 fans across Europe tasted and voted, and Citra was the clear favourite. Duvel Tripel Hop Citra not only won a gold medal at the Brussels Beer Challenge, it was also awarded the consumer trophy at the Zythos Beer Festival.

The pack is available to purchase online on Amazon UK, Beer Hawk and The Belgian Beer Company.


For the foodie who loves coffee…

Blue Coffee Box Subscription*

Great coffee is like great wine or champagne. With the right climate, altitude, soil, landscape, processing and storing, the taste can be quite amazing. Once your taste buds have experienced gourmet coffee, they won’t want anything else.

The Blue Coffee Box’s mission is to introduce you to Speciality Coffee – the top taste grading – with new flavours and coffees from coffee producing countries from around the world. Then we select the absolute cream from the UK’s 300+ expert roasters who lovingly extract the maximum flavour from every bean.

Blue Coffee Box Subscription

Subscriptions to Blue Coffee Box can be bought as a gift (or for yourself!).

You also have several ways in which you can customise the box. You can choose coffee beans that you can grind at home; coarse grind for cafetieres and French press plungers; medium grind for pour overs and filter drippers; and fine grind for espresso machines and stovetops. You can also pick from light, medium, and dark roast – or let the coffee concierge surprise you. If you prefer decaff coffee, that is an option too.

The subscription box contains 3 packages of coffee, with an accompanying card which tells you about the origins of the coffee (I love that they do this, I always have a keen interest in learning about new things). As well as subscription boxes, Blue Coffee Box also sell individual packages of coffee, so if you have a favourite, you can stock up.

Buy online at Blue Coffee Box.
I also have an exclusive code for readers of The Purple Pumpkin Blog, just enter PP518 at checkout to get a fiver off your first order! It can be applied to gift boxes or longer subscriptions.


For the foodie who loves antipasto…

Prosciutto di San Daniele and Grana Padano*

Prosciutto di San Daniele and Grana Padano Cheese have been recognised by the European Union as Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) products since 1996. In order to achieve PDO status, products must respect the strict Production Specifications.

For more information you can read through the brochure which tells you how each product is made, how to store them, as well as several recipes to try out.

Prosciutto di San Daniele is natural, Italian and unique as it is made only with selected thighs from Italian pigs, sea salt and the special microclimate of San Daniele del Friuli. No types of additive or preservatives are used.

The traditional methods of producing Grana Padano Cheese have been handed down unchanged through the centuries, ensuring that the product continues to display today the characteristics of flavour, aroma and texture, as well as appearance, for which it is world famous.

We love antipasto in this house – or charcuterie, or tapas, or meze… food dishes that can be plentiful, varied, and shared is what food is all about! I cannot wait to use these products over Christmas!

A great gift would be bundling these products up with some other antipasto goodies such as olives, breadsticks, nuts, etc., and turn it into a yummy hamper gift.

You can buy Prosciutto di San Daniele and Grana Padano Cheese in Sainsbury’s, Wholefoods, and Harrods. The Grana Padano only is available in Tesco; and the Prosciutto only is available in Selfridges. Look out for them in your local supermarkets, delis, and food shops.


For the foodie who wants to make zoodles…

Salter 3 in 1 Side Loading Electric Fruit and Vegetable Spiralizer

Make creative and nutritious meals for your entire family with this Salter electric spiralizer, with a rotating food fork and easy switch function to effortlessly make fresh spirals. Recipes are included for you to get started – the spiralizer is perfect for experimenting with salads and stir fries, as well as providing a healthier alternative to pasta and noodle dishes. With 3 stainless steel blades to choose from, you can even create spirals and ribbons with different thickness and textures.

Zoodles have taken over the low-carb world as an alternative to pasta, and you can make them ever so easily with this kitchen gadget! What are zooldes? They’re basically strips of courgette aka zucchini. The Spiralizer has three blades so that you can choose from thick, thin, or ribbons. They spiralled veggies also make a fancy garnish for food platters, as well as a fun way to serve vegetables. We’ve bought packets of zoodles from the supermarket before – and they are ridiculously expensive! Save money in the long term with this machine.

The Salter 3 in 1 Side Loading Electric Fruit and Vegetable Spiralizer from Salter, and from Amazon.


For the person who loves tradition…

Farmhouse Larder Gift Tower*

A selection of edible delights in a beautiful gift tower from Bradfords Bakers. All of the contents arrive in a set of four keepsake boxes:

  • 113g Granny’s Best Pickle
  • 56g Dry Roast Coffee
  • Bradfords 113g Jar of Tomato Chutney
  • Bradfords Cherry Piece
  • Walkers Mini Oatcakes 150g
  • Arran Cheddar Cheese with Herbs Truckle
  • Arran Mature Cheddar Cheese Truckle
  • 113g Bradfords Strawberry Jam
  • Coles Chocolate Steamed Puddings 2 x 110g
  • Ducs de Gascogde Pate (Quail, Pheasant or Duck) 65g
  • Bradfords Chewy Fudge Bites
  • Toffee Satchels 125g
  • Farmhouse Sticky Toffee Pudding Biscuits 150g
  • Baxters Mushroom Veloute Soup
  • English Breakfast Tea (10)
  • Walkers Full Butter Shortbread Fingers 150g
  • Champagne Truffles
Bradfords' Farmhouse Larder Gift Tower

Whilst the presentation of this hamper has a modern twist with the products being stored in boxes, which are stacked into a tier, the contents, to me, are really traditional. My husband and I love to give hampers as gifts, and we love to receive them too – especially at Christmas when the treats are rolled out. This would make a great gift for someone who can’t get out easily to buy some festive goodies,or for the person who loves food traditions! The boxes make fab storage after the food has been eaten.

When buying this, if you’re not having it delivered, that there is fresh cheese inside, so you will either have to store the whole thing in the fridge, (you need a tall fridge!) or take the cheese out from the bottom box so that they can be stored safely. I was able to shimmy the boxes out without ruining the pretty ribbon bow on top.

If a traditional wicker basket hamper is preferred, Bradfords Bakers sell those too – have a nose on their site!

Buy the Farmhouse Larder Gift Tower from Bradfords Bakers.

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For the foodie who loves superfoods…

Indigo Herbs Chocolate Making Kit Gift Set*

The Chocolate Making Kit Gift Set from Indigo Herbs is a fantastic gift set comprising of premium quality ingredients for those who want to make their own Natural Chocolate. A wonderfully presented gift box that will make the perfect present. These chocolate ingredients are 100% pure resulting in the final product being both nutritious and delicious. Enjoy hand crafting your own chocolates at home with this simple and easy kit. The kit contains: Cacao Powder, Cacao Butter, Raw Agave Nectar, Pure Raw Vanilla Powder, Goji Berries and Brazil Nuts. We also include our secret recipe on how to make Indigo Herbs Pure Chocolate.

Indigo Chocolate Making Kit Gift Set
  • Become a chocolatier and create your own nutritious and delicious dairy-free, gluten-free vegan chocolates.
  • Cacao is high in protein, dietary fibre, potassium, phosphorous, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper, manganese and it’s a source of calcium and selenium.
  • Packed with feel good phytochemicals and antioxidants.
  • Everything you need to make pure superfood chocolate.
  • Easy to make, ideal for all the family.
  • Includes pre-weighed ingredients, recipe & instructions.
  • 100% pure botanical ingredients, absolutely nothing added.
  • Includes Goji Berries & Brazil Nuts.
  • Makes 20-25 small chocolates.
Indigo Chocolate Making Kit Gift Set

I plan on making these chocolates at the weekend and cannot wait to give this kit a try! I’ll be blogging about my efforts once they’re made, PLUS I have three of the chocolate kits from Indigo Herbs to give away, so make sure you check in next week for that!

Buy the Chocolate Making Gift Set from Indigo Herbs.


For the foodie who loves to make cocktails…

VonShef Parisian Cocktail Set*

Give professional bartenders a run for their money with the VonShef Parisian Cocktail Set. Packed with all the essentials you need to host your very own cocktail party, the set helps you create a variety of cocktails with ease and sophistication. Contemporary 500ml capacity Parisian Cocktail Shaker boasts an on-trend and extremely robust copper coated stainless steel body.

The set contains: muddler, 9″ double ended bar spoon/ fork, Hawthorne strainer, 2 X pourer and double ended 25ml/ 50ml measuring jigger. Supplied in an attractive gift box with matching recipe starter guide. Handwash only, not suitable for the dishwasher.

I grew up living in a pub, in the 80s, when cocktails were everything! I remember the big posters behind the bars with neon graphics; and pictures of cocktails like Blue Hawaiian, Singapore Sling, and Piña Colada so that customers could choose what they wanted. In fact, I’ve just remembered I wrote about my 6th birthday party that I had down in the bar (back when pubs didn’t open all day!) and you can see the cocktail menu on the wall. And hows this photo below for 80s cocktail nostalgia?

Thanks to living in a pub, I have some rather unique, and my husband thinks, strange, memories! But it was my life, and I knew no different! So basically because of that upbringing, I do love a cocktail! And this cocktail set is one that I would proudly have out on display on a retro looking drinks trolley.

Berni Cocktails

Buy VonShef Parisian Cocktails Set from Amazon. Your foodie friend may also like the Moscow Mule Mugs in the same colour!


For the foodie who needs to garnish those cocktails…

Opies Products*

Bennett Opie is a fine food producer based in Kent that produces a wide range of cocktail products, speciality pickles, chutneys, olives, ginger, luxury fruits, sauces and compotes under the Opies brand.

To go in those cocktails, you are going to need a garnish. Harking back to those childhood memories again, I remember the huge containers of Cocktail Onions, and Gherkins. Dad would have little platters of them on the bar counter, along with peanuts. You don’t see that any more! The aroma alone of Opie’s Maraschino Cocktail Cherries is my childhood in a smell!

You can’t have a classic Snowball without a cherry on a cocktail stick, and you certainly can’t have a G&T without a slice of lemon. Some people substitute the olive for an onion in a martini, and the cocktail gherkins – well they’re a nibble on the side!

Opies Cocktail Onions, Cocktail Gherkins, Cocktail Cherries, Sliced Lemons

Opies have got lots of jarred delicacies available included Pickled Walnuts, Black Cherries with Kirsch, and Stem Ginger in Syrup.

Pickled Walnuts enjoying a food renaissance! According to Opies who are the only commercial producer of Pickled Walnuts in the UK, for many people, having a jar in the cupboard makes their Christmas. This Victorian delicacy is fast becoming a foodie must-have; especially at Christmas. New to the Pickled Walnut revival? Their soft texture may be something of a surprise.

This Christmas use Opies Stem Ginger in Syrup and turn the customary Christmas Cake on its head with warmth and richness. Add a smidgen to shop-bought mincemeat, chop and add to stuffing mix for the perfect Roast Loin of Pork. Glaze a side of Roast Ham on Boxing. Don’t forget about the syrup! Splash into Christmas drinks for an indulgent spiced mulled wine or fiery mojito.

Opies Pickled Walnuts; Cherries with Kirsch; Stem Ginger in Syrup

Opies’ extensive range of preserved fruits with alcohol will turn simple sweets into magnificent creations in minutes. As well as the Blackberries with Gin and Pears with Port the Opies’ range comprises Christmas Fruits with Courvoisier, Stem Ginger with Famous Grouse, Peaches with Courvoisier, Apricots with Grand Marnier, Baby Pears with Amaretto, Black Cherries with Kirsch and Ginger with Teachers Whisky. These store cupboard Christmas stalwarts provide a quick catering solution when served with meringue, cream or ice cream. Why not try making a boozy Boxing Day Trifle this year? There’s nothing better than trifle sponge soaked with Gin or Kirsch accompanied by fruit marinated in the same spirit.

All of these products would make a great addition to a homemade hamper, as well as foodie stocking fillers, or as a teacher’s gift.

Find Opies in major supermarkets and speciality independent stores.


For the style-conscious foodie…

Copper Stone Pans*

Through their ultra-non-stick technology, Copper Stone Pans reduce the need for fats and oils when cooking, providing unparalleled heat distribution, heating up fast and staying hotter for longer. Plus, the extremely tough, scratch-resistant coating combined with a forged aluminium body and steel base means these pans are built to last.

For a style-conscious chef, the look of the pans is just as important as their usability on the hob. Copper Stone Pans are beautiful, professional and high-quality, making cooking a dream!

Copper Stone Pans
  • Ultra non-stick technology
  • Super hardwearing construction
  • Dynamic heat dispersion
  • Offers the beauty of copper cookware
  • Forged aluminium core and stainless steel base
  • Moulded wood effect handle
  • Suitable for use on gas, induction, electric and ceramic hobs

Buy the Copper Stone Pans from www.JMLdirect.com


For the foodie who loves retro sweets…

Jelly Sweet Maker*

Make fun gummy sweets using this fantastic Giles and Posner jelly treat maker. It comes with a 4 section tray and 4 silicone candy mould trays with a variety of shapes which allows you to make up to 32 sweets at once. Simply melt your gelatine mixture in the electric pot in the centre of the tray, pour the mixture into the shaped moulds and then wait for the treats to cool before tucking in. Perfect for kids, it even includes 20 customisable gift bags which are ideal for sharing with friends.

As soon as I learned about this gadget I knew I HAD to have it! Being able to make your own jelly sweets at home? WHAT?! Yes please! Think of the flavour combos you could do – and even spiked adult jelly sweets too!

You can buy the Jelly Sweet Maker from Giles & Posner, and from Amazon.

12+ Fabulous Christmas Gift Ideas for Foodies! Do you know someone that LOVES food, but are stuck on what to buy them? Check out my foodie gift guide for lots of ideas and inspiration!

For the foodie who loves chocolate…

Choc Affair Chocolate Gifts*

Choc Affair are a family-run business based in York that aims to make a difference, both through their ethical business practices and our exceptional range of divine chocolate treats.

With many exciting flavours to explore, Choc Affair believe their luxurious handmade chocolate bars have something for everyone! The bases of milk, dark and white chocolate are simply delicious alone or if you would like to tantalise your taste buds with more exotic flavours they have certainly got plenty for you to try.

The Library Collection Gift Box  is a delicious selection of Choc Affair’s 4 most popular flavour infused bars: Milk Chocolate Salted Caramel; Milk Chocolate Orange & Geranium; Dark Chocolate Lime & Seasalt; and White Chocolate Peach & Raspberry.

You can find a whole range of chocolate bars, gifts, and hampers at Choc Affair.


For the foodie who loves wine…

Wine Balloon Glasses*

A variation on a signature LSA design, these distinctive and contemporary Moya Wine Balloon Glasses have a substantial stem that is not easily broken and a pleasing weight, making them ideal for everyday use.

Handmade, mouth blown and supplied as a set of 2, these eye-catching glasses with their unusual rounded shape are ideal for those looking for something different and would make a lovely gift, sure to be appreciated and enjoyed.

Wine Balloon Glasses

I’ve been telling you about my childhood (well, until I was 21) of living in a pub, and so I have a thing for beautiful glasses, and these are just gorgeous. I love the shape and style of them. The stems are sturdy, and they have a good weight to them. Moreover, they hold a whopping 550ml of your favourite wine! Why not pair these up with a nice bottle of vino, or even a wine subscription to make a lovely gift?

You can buy this set of 2 Wine Balloon Glasses from Hurn & Hurn.


For the foodie who loves to entertain…

Rough Side Personalised Trio Nibble Holder Set*

Crafted from the highest quality solid wood, this beautiful centre piece is going to bring joy to all those that see it. Any text you choose will be engraved into the front of the solid wood base offering a truly unique way to ensure all those most important food styles are well within reach. The set comes with 3 white ceramic bowls for nibbles.

Rough Side Personalised Trio Nibble Holder Set

I adore this! It’s a really chunky piece of wood, and I love that I have been able to have it personalised with my own words. I thought have a nibble would be perfect for a nibbles tray. Plus I love putting out nibbles when we have guests over so this is a perfect gift for me! And for any foodie that loves to entertain.

Buy the Rough Side Personalised Trio Nibble Holder Set from Personalised Gifts Shop.

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