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I am so excited about our trip back to the magic, that I could ‘splode, I thought I’d start on my pre-trip report…it’s never too early to plan right?!

Allow me to introduce, the cast!

I’ll start with the writer of this pre-trip report, and all our trip reports…Me! I’m now 36, still a plus-size chick, and still on the shrink!

I kind of lost the plot after our Florida trip in 2011, and yo-yo’d constantly for a year…my only saving grace is that I didn’t put back on all of the 5+ stone that I lost before going to Orlando. I’m still on the same plan (Cambridge) and am back losing weight now, so by the time we go in August 2013, I will be able to go on all the rides that I couldn’t last time!

I’ve been wanting to go back to Florida after our first visit from the day we stepped off the plan back in grey, wet England! And now my dream is again a reality! I’m so excited, and I just can’t convey that excitement into words!!

I’m the chief driver, planner, photographer, diary keeper…and spender of moneys! I can’t wait to drive out there again, I can’t wait to plan it all again, I can’t wait to take photos again, I can’t wait to keep a diary again and I can’t wait to spend, spend, spend again! I have a huge shopping list ;)

This is me, at Hollywood Studios in 2011.

Who’s next? Him! Steve in real life. Now 40 – I know he’ll love me even more for informing y’all about that! Also excited to be going back to Orlando, and looking forward to eating the foods that he didn’t get to eat out there last time! Catfish seems to be top priority!

Even though he was insured to, he didn’t drive out there – I took complete control of that – didn’t want to hand over the wheel! I *might* let him have a go!

He’s chief keeper of the moneys, holder of the documents and all the boring (but oh so important!) stuff, as well as videoman!

In 2011, we ended up with lots of doubles of photographs as he was right behind me snapping away – in 2013 he plans on taking a lot more video and leave me to the photography.

This is him whilst we were waiting in line for Disaster at Universal.

And finally, in this cast of 3…the boy! My son and Steve’s step-son, Liam. He will be 14 when we go in 2013 and I know is really looking forward to going back! When I told him that we were *thinking* about going back, and would he like to go again, his fist punch in the air was enough to tell me “yes”.

Will he have outgrown Disney by the time we go again? Perhaps – I was worried that he outgrew it last time we went, but didn’t, and just loved meeting the characters and watching the parades. I asked him what he’s most looking forward to doing when we go back and he said “I don’t know because there is so much to do!” Wonderful!!

This is the boy with his two favourite characters at Epcot.

So that’s us! Pleased to meet you – hope you join us on our pre-trip journey!!

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