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Our first visit to Orlando saw us flying with Virgin…we went to book with them again for 2013, but after doing some price comparing with another big airline – British Airways, it seemed that BA would be doing the flights nearly £1000 less!! We checked, and triple checked, and also asked Virgin if they could price match – but they couldn’t so, to go back to the magic, BA got our money this time around.

I’ve flown (a long time ago mind you) to the USA with British Airways before and it was a fab flight – things have probably changed since then, after all that was nearly 20 years ago *suddenly feels very old* but I have high hopes for our national airline, hope we’re not disappointed!

We fly from Gatwick North and plan on staying in a nearby hotel like we did before. Our flight is 11:20am, which I’m sure is about the same time as our flight last time. It means we land mid afternoon, and should be at the villa by late afternoon. This gives us enough time to make a pit stop to Wal*Mart to stock up and then chill out for the fun adventure ahead!

Our plane is a Boeing 777, I’m sure we’ll check out SeatGuru before choosing our seats. Last time we sat on the back row, and despite people saying that these are bad seats as people linger around the galley/loos, we didn’t find them too bad – it meant I was very close to the loos and the galley

Aeroplane Taking Off - Travel Day - Heathrow to Orlando

Our flight back is similar in time too, with us departing MCO at about 17:30 and landing back at Gatwick just before 7:00….*yaaaaawn*

We coped well with the jet lag last time after some advice from an air steward, so will be following that same advice this time too!

So that’s it as far as who we are travelling with is concerned. Will be able to do a Virgin/BA comparison in my next trip report.

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