Mel’s Drive-In, Universal Studios Orlando Review

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Dining Date: 8th August, 2011

Whilst at Universal Studios Orlando, we decided to have our lunch at Mel’s Drive-In.


I wanted to go in here because I’m throwing a 50s themed birthday party for my 35th and wanted some inspiration, which I am pleased to say, I got. From the cool cars outside…




…to the layout of the menu…


…and the décor, I definitely got my inspiration!



It was heaving in there, but amongst the chaos – and it was chaotic – Liam found a table and bagged it, whilst Steve and I queued, which took f.o.r.e.v.e.r! The service was really really S-L-O-W, and considering it was a fast food joint, it was painful.

We all got the bacon cheeseburger with fries. Steve got chilli cheese fries (another tick on the ‘foods to eat in Orlando’ list), Liam, some onion rings and I ordered a vanilla shake. Total bill was $38.36.

Just looking at the food now makes me put on 2 stone lol! I’m was glad to be back home and back on my diet!!




The food wasn’t very hot, which was a shame, as the burgers were actually really good – but with a huge queue snaking through the diner, we really couldn’t be bothered to take the stuff back. Liam definitely enjoyed his grub! Nothing much more to say about this joint – it’s fast (ish!) food and was okay.


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