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It is well known that a holiday to Walt Disney World involves a lot of walking and standing around in lines. But if you need help with your mobility, like I do, then consider renting a mobility scooter from Buena Vista Rentals.

How to rent a mobility scooter at Walt Disney World.

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Renting a Mobility Scooter (ECV) at Walt Disney World

It is well known that a holiday to Walt Disney World involves a lot of walking, and distances of 10 – 15 miles a day are not unheard of! We’ve spent many days pounding the pavement in Disney Parks, and know first hand that you need to make sure you are wearing the most comfortable shoes that you own, as well as building up your walking stamina before you go!

But what if you can’t manage that sort of distance, or stand for an hour in a line? Through disability, injury, medical condition, or other circumstance? There is no need to miss out on all the fun and excitement of a Walt Disney World holiday as you can hire either a wheelchair or mobility scooter (ECV) to get around the parks. You can hire directly from Disney, inside the parks, or from an offsite company such as Buena Vista Rentals.

In this post, I will cover renting and using a mobility scooter (ECV) to use at Walt Disney World, rather than a wheelchair, as the former is what I have experience with and can confidently provide you with accurate information.

We are visiting Walt Disney World for the 8th time very soon, and this is the fourth time that I have had to rent a mobility scooter. Unfortunately, I cannot manage the walking distance like I used to. It’s not just walking around the parks, but there is lots of standing around waiting for a parade or show to start, as well as waiting in lines. There is also the walk from the car to the front gate (depending on where you park), as well as walking around resorts, and Disney Springs. I’ve even heard a joke that Epcot stands for Every Person Comes Out Tired, because of the amount of walking involved!

You can rent a mobility scooter inside the parks at Walt Disney World which (currently) costs $50 for the day, plus a $20 refundable deposit.

You can also rent an ECV at the Walt Disney World Water Parks, and Disney Springs for (currently) $50, but with a $100 refundable deposit.

Up-to-date prices and information can always be found on the Walt Disney World website.

Renting at the parks on the day is great if it is a last-minute decision – as it was for me one year when I just couldn’t manage another day in pain. I could only use the ECV within the park – I wasn’t able to take it to another park – although you can just produce your rental receipt at another park, and just pay a deposit again. Bear in mind too, that there are only a finite number of scooters at each park, so if they’re all rented out, you are out of luck. The cost of the rental is also high compared with an offsite company.

Mobility Scooter

However, if you know you will need a mobility scooter to get around the parks, resorts, and everything else you want to do when at Walt Disney World, you should look to renting from a company like Buena Vista Rentals. They deliver to all DISNEY area hotels and resorts, absolutely FREE of charge. Depending on the distance, some off-site properties may be subject to a delivery fee.

Since originally writing this post in 2017, the rules have changed somewhat, and at Disney Resort Hotels you need to meet with Buena Vista Rentals to collect your ECV now rather than it being left with Bell Services.

This is what the company has to say: For all Disney resorts you can select, from our delivery time options, the time that best suits your needs and that is when our driver will meet you for delivery and pick-up. For Non-Disney hotels/resorts, our scooters are guaranteed to be at the bellman of your hotel by 8am the day your rental begins (they will hold it there until you arrive). The scooter will need to be delivered back to the bellman of your hotel no later than 9:30am the morning after your rental is complete.  

I rented an ECV from Buena Vista Rentals in 2016 for a month, and it was a very easy process that I was able to do online, from the UK without any stress. We actually picked up my scooter from their office on Kingspointe Pkwy, which is about midway between Orlando International Airport and Disney Springs. I was shown how to operate the vehicle, which is very easy, and we were on our way to enjoy our holiday – and for me, free from pain. Returning the scooter, we left it safely and securely with Bell Services at our Walt Disney World Resort. (Please note, as of 2022, when I’m updating this post, you can no longer leave an ECV hired from Buena Vista Rentals with a Disney Resort’s Bell Services)

Renting & Using a Mobility Scooter at Walt Disney World. It is well known that a holiday to Walt Disney World involves a lot of walking, and distances of 10 - 15 miles a day are not unheard of!But what if you can't manage that? Through disability, injury, medical condition, or other circumstance? There is no need to miss out on all the fun and excitement of a Walt Disney World holiday as you can hire either a wheelchair or mobility scooter (ECV) to get around the parks.

Types of Scooters (ECVs) from Buena Vista Rentals

Buena Vista Rentals have three different types of scooters:

  • Standard (up to 325lbs / 23 stone)
  • Maxima (up to 500lbs / 35.5 stone)
  • Portable (up to 325lbs / 23 stone)

You can also rent out a variety of accessories: sunshade, rear basket, cup holder, and a cane/crutch holder. As well as the motorized scooters, they also rent out oxygen tanks, manual wheelchairs, and strollers (pushchairs).

Buena Vista Scooters have been operating in Orlando for 20+ years, and are a popular rental company – I see lots of their vehicles in the parks! Make your reservation in advance of your stay – especially at peak times like Christmas, summer holidays, and Easter/Spring break. Contact them here.

Using a Mobility Scooter at Walt Disney World


At the parks, you will want to go as slowly as possible. Not only so that you can take all the sights in, but because of the crowds around you. In my experience, people are oblivious to an ECV; kids will dart in front of you, or people will walk across your path, or abruptly stop in front of you. If you are a car driver, then it will come naturally to you to be mindful of everything around you, as you would be when driving a car. But if you’re not a car driver, this may be a little difficult at first, but you should be aware of the crowds. At busy times, I would have my son walking just in front, and my husband to my side, just to make sure I didn’t have anyone suddenly move in front.


Your scooter will be given to you with a full battery charge. Buena Vista Rentals will guarantee no more than 6 hours of battery life for a day at the parks. There is a possibility for longer use, but it is always a good idea to bring the battery charger with you. There is a battery level on the dash which goes from green through orange to red, so it is easy to keep an eye on it. If you are stopping for any length of time, then switch the ECV off. There are electricity outlets around Walt Disney World, often in Quick Service Dining locations. Make sure you don’t block walkways when you are re-charging. When you get back to your resort for the night, give the battery a full charge ready for the next day.

Walt Disney World Sign - Do Not Stop!


There will be times that you may have to leave your scooter outside of an attraction or dining location. There is usually a specific area for them. Take the key with you – do not leave it in the vehicle. On some scooters, the back of the seat can be folded down – fold it down to shade the seat from the heat of the sun. You may find that your scooter has been turned around, or moved slightly. Cast Members will have done this for safety or convenience. There is a freewheeling lever at the back of the scooters that enables them to do that. If you find that you can’t turn your vehicle on, check that the lever has been put back as that can be the cause.

Rides & Attractions

You can pick up accessibility maps in the parks, which provide information about the various rides and attractions. You can also check the My Disney Experience App.

  • Must transfer from wheelchair/ECV to ride vehicle
  • Must transfer from ECV to a wheelchair
  • Must transfer from ECV to a wheelchair, and from wheelchair to ride vehicle
  • May remain in ECV/wheelchair

Helpful Disney links: Accessibility FAQs | Services for Guests with Disabilities | Attraction Access

Views from Tomorrowland Transit Authority PeopleMover

Problems With Your ECV Inside The Parks

From the Buena Vista Rentals FAQs:

If you are experiencing difficulties with your unit you can call the 866 number to be found on the scooter. We have operators standing by to assist you. We will first try to troubleshoot the problem. If that is unsuccessful we can send a driver to you with a replacement unit. To avoid the battery running out please check the battery gauge from time to time to help maintain a workable charge. SCOOTERS CAN NOT GET WET…IF THEY GET WET THEY WILL NOT WORK AND WILL NEED TO SIT AND DRY BEFORE USE!


Florida has a sub-tropical climate, so while you have lots of heat, sunshine, and humidity, (take a towel to sit on for comfort in the heat!) you also have rain. Sometimes, a LOT of rain! If it starts to rain when you are in the Disney Parks, then get under cover as soon as you can. The ECV won’t stop working immediately if you are caught out, but getting water into the unit can cause a malfunction. One day in the Magic Kingdom, it poured and poured down, and I had no choice but to drive from the park to the parking lot. I did panic thinking it would malfunction, but thankfully it didn’t. And it was fine the next day.

Views from Walt Disney World Monorail

Using Disney Transport

Mobility Scooters can be used on Disney Buses, Ferries, Skyliner, and the Monorail. You can remain in your ECV and will be directed on what to do by a Cast Member. You will find up-to-day information about Wheelchair and ECV Accessibility with Walt Disney World Transportation on the Disney website.

If you are going to be driving in Orlando and hiring an ECV you will need a disability vehicle such as a modified minivan to transport your ECV from your resort to the parks.

Disney Skyliner
Disney Skyliner

Any Questions?

If you have any questions about renting a mobility scooter (ECV) please contact Buena Vista Rentals direct where they will be very happy to help you.

If you have any questions about using an ECV in the Walt Disney World Parks and Resorts, then please contact me, or leave a comment below and I will help you to the best of my ability.

Magic Kingdom - Cinderella Castle

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