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Next up in the planning of my ‘Better Late Than Never’ Halloween Dinner Party was the menu. Not just designing physical menu itself, but also what dishes to prepare…decisions, decisions!

After searching through my folder of recipes that I’ve collected over the years, through Halloween magazines that I bought in the USA this summer and online, I finally decided on the following dishes:

I also wanted to use up some of the pumpkin flesh that was the by-product of making Jack-o-Lanterns, so I baked a pumpkin cake and some pumpkin cookies.

I designed a menu for my guests…you’ll notice some familiarity about it!  I liked the layout of my invitation so much that I decided to use the same template for the menu as well – just changing a couple of elements.

Halloween Menu

Again, using PSPX2 and having saved my invitation layout in layers, I switched out the text and changed it to the food list (using the same Black Knight FLF font as before).  I also re-sized and duplicated the Jack face to fit either side of the menu title.

After printing off and cutting out, I mounted the menu onto black card which I cut around with decorative edged scissors, and then mounted that onto orange card which was cut with regular scissors.  I’m terrible for not measuring things out exactly, and tend to cut by eye, so if they’re a bit irregular..ah well!

And here’s how they looked on the dinner table.

Halloween menus sitting on dinner plates

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