Baked Hot Dog Mummies

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These baked Hot Dog Mummies make are so easy to make, and are a great appetizer or party food for a Halloween party! Kids will not only have fun eating these, but they’re simple enough for them to make too!

Hot Dog Mummies

Hot Dog Mummies

You will know that the starter I made for my Halloween dinner party was Bloody Mary Soup. My son doesn’t much care for soup so I made a batch of Baked Mummies so that he too could have a starter, and there would be plenty to go around if anyone else wanted.

They are SO easy to make, and you need just need 3 ingredients: a pack of hot dogs, a pack of puff pastry, and some ketchup for decoration (and for dunking!)

My hot dog mummies start with raw chipolata sausages – but you can use ready-cooked hot dogs of your choice – this would be the [food] safest option for children as they will not be handling raw meat. Of course, hands should still be washed, before and after preparing food.

a pack of chipolata sausages and puff pastry on a kitchen counter top

I buy ready-rolled puff pastry as it’s the quickest and easiest option. Cut the pastry into long strips and wrap around each sausage starting at the top, leaving a little gap for the ‘head’ and then continuing to wrap and wind around to resemble the mummy bandages.

Brush the pastry with a little milk, or beaten egg wash, and bake until the pastry is puffed and golden, and the sausages (if using raw) are cooked through – I generally do about 20 minutes in a hot (200C/400F) oven. Again, if you are using ready-cooked hot dogs, then bake for around 10 minutes – or until pastry is puffed and golden.

Puff pastry wrapped around chipolata sausages to make mummies for Halloween

Add two blobs of ketchup for eyes, and serve! You could also use yellow mustard – whichever you prefer on your hot dogs!

Another fun way to serve these, is to insert a wooden skewer and have hot dog mummies on a stick! Food on sticks is always awesome!

Baked hot dog mummies

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