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Get into the festive spirit with our Christmas Movie Trivia Printable! This delightful free download is perfect for holiday gatherings and Christmas parties, adding fun to your festive celebrations.

It is a great way to test your knowledge of classic Christmas movies like “White Christmas,” “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation”, and “The Grinch.”

With 30 movie trivia questions, it’s a fantastic way to bond with family and friends during this wonderful season!

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Christmas Movie Trivia Printable

As the holiday season approaches, it’s the perfect time to gather your loved ones, snuggle up by the Christmas tree, and enjoy some of your favorite Christmas movies. But why not add a twist to your movie night this year?

Our free Christmas Movie Trivia printable is the perfect addition to your festivities. Get ready to challenge your friends and family with 30 multiple-choice questions about iconic holiday films.

Our Christmas trivia questions cover beloved classics like “It’s a Wonderful Life,” “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” and “Home Alone.” Test your Christmas movie trivia knowledge and see who among your family and friends is the ultimate holiday film buff!

Whether you’re hosting a family gathering, a festive dinner party, or just a cozy night in with friends, everyone can join in on the fun. It’s the perfect way to create lasting memories during the Christmas season.

You could set up a Christmas Movie Night Snack Board and throw a Christmas movie quiz night. And why not download our Free Christmas Movie Emoji Game Printables for more holiday film fun?!

Getting your hands on this fun activity is a breeze! Simply click the download link, and you’ll have instant access to the Christmas movie trivia game printable.

Digital image of Free Christmas Movie Trivia Printable You Can Edit

Where Are The Free Printables?

  • You will find the instant download links further down this page, surrounded by a purple box outline.
  • Tap the purple download buttons to save the digital file(s) to your device.
  • The free holiday movie trivia printables are available in two paper sizes – A4 and US Letter (8.5″ x 11″).
  • Download the paper size that is appropriate for your home printer.
  • You are welcome to have the high resolution PDF printed at your local print shop.
  • UK Readers! No printer? No problem! Get your printables printed and sent to you with Doxzoo!
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What’s Included in our Printable Christmas Movie Trivia?

  • The Christmas trivia game printable has 30 multiple-choice questions.
  • Multiple-choice questions make it easier for the whole family, even young family members who can just guess the answers!
  • The Christmas movie trivia questions are spread over 3 pages.
  • The answer key is included, so you don’t have to worry if you don’t know the correct answer!
  • To make the game a little harder, a sheet of Christmas movie questions you can read aloud is also included—great for trivia nights!
  • For players to write down their answers, we have included a matching lined sheet that individual players or teams can use.
  • Also included are blank sheets for you to handwrite on.

Bonus #1

  • If you are a Canva user, you can edit the movie trivia sheets with your own questions.
  • It’s a great way to include your favorite holiday films or make a themed quiz, maybe around a single movie or genre, such as romantic Christmas movies.
  • The link to the editable Canva template is in the free printable download.

Bonus #2

  • If you’re hosting a virtual game night, we have a digital download of the questions, suitable for a mobile device. Tap and hold the images below to save them to your camera roll.
  • The questions are easy to share and a fun way to stay connected with friends and family from afar. (The digital files are handy if you’ve run out of printer ink too!)
  • *Here are the right answers for the digital version of the Christmas movie quiz.

How To Use The Christmas Movie Trivia Printable

  • Download the printable PDF to your device and print as many as you need onto printer paper.
  • There are several ways that you can play the trivia quiz:
    • Multiple-choice sheets – players read the questions and mark the correct answer.
    • The host reads the questions—with or without the multiple-choice option—and players write the answers onto a separate answer sheet.
    • The Christmas film trivia game can be played solo or in teams.
    • As a bonus, there are also completely blank sheets to handwrite on.
  • Each player (or team) will need a pen to mark their choices on the multiple-choice question sheets or to write the answers on the lined sheets.
  • If you print in black and white, the answers are bold and underlined.
Digital image of Free Printable Christmas Movie Trivia Questions and Answers

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Download the Free Christmas Movie Trivia Printable

Click the download link to save the printable file(s) to your computer.

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Christmas Movie Trivia Questions

And if you don’t want the free printable PDF, here are the questions in this Christmas film trivia quiz:

  1. Which classic Christmas movie features a young boy who is accidentally left behind by his family when they go on vacation? (Home Alone)
  2. Which Christmas movie centers around a young boy who receives a magical ticket to the North Pole on Christmas Eve? (The Polar Express)
  3. In “A Christmas Story,” what does Ralphie want as his Christmas present? (A Red Ryder BB Gun)
  4. Who plays the role of Buddy in the movie “Elf”? (Will Ferrell)
  5. In “The Santa Clause,” what does Scott Calvin do to become the new Santa Claus? (He Accidentally Scares Santa Off The Roof)
  6. Who plays the role of George Bailey in the classic film “It’s a Wonderful Life”? (James Stewart)
  7. What does Howard struggle to buy his son in “Jingle All the Way”? (A Turbo-Man Action Figure)
  8. Who plays the role of Scrooge in “The Muppet Christmas Carol”? (Michael Caine)
  9. In “How The Grinch Stole Christmas,” what is the Grinch’s dog’s name? (Max)
  10. How many lights were on the Griswold’s house in “Christmas Vacation”? (25,000)
  11. In “Miracle on 34th Street” (1994), who plays the role of Kris Kringle? (Richard Attenborough)
  12. In the film “Home Alone,” what city is the McCallister family visiting for Christmas? (Paris)
  13. In “A Christmas Story,” what does Ralphie’s father win that causes him to exclaim, “Fra-gee-lay! It must be Italian!”? (A Leg Lamp)
  14. In the movie “Elf,” what is the department store’s name? (Gimbels)
  15. In “A Christmas Carol,” what is the name of Ebenezer Scrooge’s business partner who appears as a ghost warning him of his fate? (Jacob Marley)
  16. What iconic thing does Mark use in “Love Actually” to show his love for Juliet? (A Set Of Cue Cards With Messages)
  17. In “A Charlie Brown Christmas,” What is the ornament color on Charlie Brown’s tree? (Red)
  18. In “Christmas Vacation,” what does Clark Griswold want to use his Christmas bonus for? (A Swimming Pool)
  19. What’s the highest-grossing Christmas movie of all time? (The Grinch 2018)
  20. What must Scott do in “The Santa Clause 2” to keep being Santa? (Get Married)
  21. In “Christmas With the Kranks,” what do the Kranks do that causes an uproar? (Skip Christmas)
  22. In “Deck the Halls,” there is a competitive war over what? (Christmas Lights)
  23. How is Noelle related to Santa Claus in “Noelle”? (His Daughter)
  24. How many sizes does the Grinch’s heart grow when he starts to get feelings? (Three Sizes)
  25. What does George promise to give to Mary at the beginning of “It’s a Wonderful Life”? (The Moon)
  26. Which country is Amber sent to in “A Christmas Prince”? (Aldovia)
  27. In the movie “Elf,” what is the first rule of the code of elves? (Treat Every Day Like Christmas)
  28. What is the nickname of the pair of burglars who try to break into the McCallisters’ home in Home Alone? (The Wet Bandits)
  29. What year was the Bing Crosby film “White Christmas” released? (1954)
  30. Who plays the role of Scrooge in the 1970 movie of the same name? (Albert Finney)

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas!

Whether you play with your family on Christmas Day or with friends and loved ones at your next Christmas party, we hope our classic Christmas movie trivia game brings a touch of nostalgia and merriment to your celebrations!

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