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Today is my birthday! I’m the grand old age of 36!!

I thought I would take a break from my current Flashback Fridays series of our Orlando Vacation and share some very retro photos of my 6th birthday party!! From my childhood I remember this party so well. I remember loving my huge birthday cake that my parents had made for me, I remember the food and the games we played! Growing up, I lived in a pub, so there was always lots of space to throw a party and if you ask any of my old school friends, they all remember coming to my birthday parties in the pub lol!

Not many more words to say, I’m going to reminisce over these photos and I hope you enjoy this flashback post!

This cake was HUGE!

Mr. Men, The Muppets, Ballerinas, Mickey, Minnie & Donald, Bambi and the Seven Dwarves!
I remember keeping these toppers for years after!

My sister and me (on the right)
Quite clearly I liked showing off my adult teeth that were starting to grow!
Mum pouring out drink!
Stuffing my face of course :P I remember my dad laying out plates with the party food on them!

How precious – carnations at a 6th birthday party! Quite clearly part of the restaurant decor!!

My dad was so cool lol!

No ‘Pin the Tail on the Donkey’ at this party!
It was ‘Pin the Chicken Drumstick in the Tiger’s Mouth’!!!!
And a blindfold made with ‘blueroll’ catering grade kitchen paper!

Don’t you love the fashion? It was 1982!

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