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Easter is just around the corner, and if you’re looking for a unique and fun Easter basket idea, look no further than this Baby Yoda AKA Grogu Easter Basket! This basket is decorated with a Cricut-cut vinyl sticker of everyone’s favorite little green guy, and it’s sure to be a hit with kids and adults alike!

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Grogu Easter Basket

The full list of materials, tools, and instructions is found in the printable tutorial card at the end of this post. I highly recommend reading the blog post all the way through before starting this project to ensure that you have everything required and understand the steps and timings involved.

We now know him as Grogu, but we fell in love with the little green guy when he was simply named Baby Yoda (by the fandom)!

This awesome Grogu Easter Basket idea is perfect for fans of The Mandalorian and the Star Wars franchise!

A simple green basket is decorated with a vinyl sticker of Grogu, using a Cricut Cutting Machine such as the Cricut Maker, as well as the recipient’s name using a free Star Wars-themed font called Star Jedi.

Keep reading for instructions on how to make the decorations, and ideas of what to fill the Grogu Easter Basket with!

Cricut Accessories
Cricut Tools

Materials & Tools Used in This Craft

The complete list of supplies, which may include basic crafting items that you already have can be found in the tutorial card at the end of this post. For your convenience, I’ve linked any notable materials and tools needed for this project to Amazon below.

Cheap Craft Supplies

Don’t forget to check the cheaper stores for craft supplies and gifts for your Easter baskets!

If you’re in the USA, check out your local Dollar Store or Dollar Tree; and if you’re in the UK, the PoundshopThe RangeWilko, and Baker Ross are great places to shop for cheap and inexpensive craft supplies. The rest of the world reading this – I don’t know every cheap store – sorry! But hunt the ones out in your location for crafting bargains!

Grogu Easter Basket with Cricut Sticker Decal

What Can I Put In A Grogu Easter Basket?

These products (from USA stores) are the ones pictured here, but I have alternatives for those in the UK too. And of course, check your local stores for Grogu and Mandalorian merch!

Grogu Easter Basket Ideas (UK)

Mandalorian Grogu The Child Baby Yoda Easter Gift Basket Idea
Grogu (Baby Yoda) Gift Ideas

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How Do I Make A Grogu Easter Basket?

Just check out the how-to card below with full materials, tools, and instructions. Any demonstration photos do not print out to save your ink.

DIY Grogu (Baby Yoda) Easter Basket

Grogu Easter Basket

Yield: 1
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner

If you're looking for a unique and fun Easter basket idea, look no further than this Baby Yoda AKA Grogu Easter Basket!


  • Grogu SVG
  • Star Jedi Font
  • 1 Sheet Green Oracal 651 Vinyl
  • 1 Sheet Black Oracal 651 Vinyl
  • 1 Sheet Beige Oracal 651 Vinyl
  • 1 Sheet Light Brown Oracal 651 Vinyl
  • 1 Sheet White Oracal 651 Vinyl
  • Transfer Tape
  • Green Plastic Bucket/Basket
  • Grogu Toys of Choice


  • Cricut Machine
  • Blue Cutting Mat
  • Scraper Tool
  • Weeding Tool


  1. Upload the Grogu SVG file to Cricut Design Space. Use the eye icon next to each color to turn off all colors but black. You can now duplicate the black if you want several stickers. Send it to the machine to cut on vinyl setting on the dial.
  2. Place black vinyl on the blue cutting machine and cut.
  3. Repeat Step 2 for every color of each layer on the SVG.

    Cricut Cutting Green Vinyl
  4. Use a weeding tool to remove negative space as required.

  5. Place a piece of transfer tape over Grogu's green head and hands. Scrape well with scraper tool or credit card if you don't have the scraper tool.

    Baby Yoda Sticker with Cricut
  6. Peel back the transfer tape making sure the green design sticks to the tape. Align it over the black in the area the green head is suppose to be, place down and press well with a scraper. Peel back the transfer tape carefully making sure the design sticks.

    Cricut Grogu Sticker Assembly
  7. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for the other layers, Starting with the beige collar and cuffs, then finally the brown coat.

    Transfer Tape on Grogu Sticker

    Assembling Grogu Sticker Layers
  8. Once the Grogu sticker has been layer, peel it and stick it in place on your green bucket.

  9. To add a name to your bucket, install the Star Jedi font onto your device and import the font into your Cricut Design Space.
  10. Use the text feature and select the Star Jedi font. Type out the name and size accordingly to fit your basket.
  11. Send the text to cut on black vinyl and weed the name as required.
  12. Use transfer tape over the top of the vinyl name and scrape well. Peel back making sure the design sticks to the transfer tape.
  13. Press onto the basket and scrape well. Peel back slowly making sure the design sticks to the basket.
  14. Fill the basket with Grogu toys of choice. This Is The Way! Enjoy!


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