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If you are one of those of those people who love the thought of throwing an extravagant party whenever possible, then you are in luck – especially as Halloween is just around the corner. You may have already started planning your big event but if you haven’t, here are a few things you need to do, and you need to do it fast. If you have started planning then good on you for being organised, however you may find a few tips and tricks you may have missed. Here’s how to ensure you have a killer Halloween party.

Halloween Party Ideas 2014

Get Decorating

By now you would have decided where you are throwing your party, whether it is a house party or you have hired out a venue. You need to get your decorations sorted as the atmosphere is one of the things that makes a great Halloween party. Before you start decorating you need to decide whether it is a strictly adults party or if it is a family event; you don’t want to have the scariest decorations possible with too much gore if there will be lots of children running around as, not only will you have a lot of complaints, you may find that many of your guests leave early!

Props are a great way to create a good atmosphere; adding a load of fake spiders, cobwebs, cauldrons, broomsticks and ghosts will do the trick. You could also put up some Halloween backdrops on the walls to make everything seem much spookier.


Everyone loves Halloween treats; that curious disgusted look as they eye up the finger food that’s literally on display; the punch with the floating eyeballs, spidery cupcakes, blood red salsa dip and much more. You can also have fun with your drinks, so make some gruesome looking cocktails and some jelly shots with eerie looking sweets inside. Not all of your food has to be twisted and ghoulish; you can add some more traditional looking snacks for your more fainthearted guests.

Monster Rolls for a Halloween Party


You need to make sure that everyone is having a good time, and what better way to do that then to entertain them? Add a few scary surprises here and there to keep them on their feet, and you should also ensure that you have a good party mix of songs ready so that everyone can get up and get their groove on. You want to be able to remember your big day as well to make sure that your guests are having fun, and what better way to do that then to add a photo booth? They can use props and take silly photos, and as they will all be in costume, the pictures will be even more memorable.

As the evening winds down, you could even start to tell spooky stories – making sure when everyone leaves, not only have they had an amazing night they will remember, but they will also remember it as one of the scariest!

Dress Up

Make sure that everyone knows they have to dress up at your party, and that they can be as creative as they want. That means you too! Being the host, you have to make sure that you put in a lot of effort and creativity to ensure that you look the part. You can even have a costume contest with a prize going to the best dressed or most creative costume; everyone loves a bit of competition. Just make sure to mention it to your guests first.

Halloween Dress Up

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