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I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned several times that I grew up living in pubs and restaurants. I am a publican’s daughter and proud of it! I loved growing up in pubs – to be fair, I know no different! Of all the pubs that we lived in and I grew up in, the one that is the happiest place for me is The George in Wantead, East London.

My parents still live in the area, but I no longer do. When I go back to see them I always drive past my childhood home and have a little reminisce about the place. Just looking at this photograph I took of The George back in April 2012 is enough to make me remember my childhood memories growing up in that fantastic building!

If you look at the top floor, under the turrets (of which there are only three), our living room was the one at the front left, and my bedroom (that I shared with my sister) was under the back left turret. The right side of the top floor had offices, staff rooms and a kitchen where all the pub grub was made (by my nan at one time!) and sent down to the Palace Bar (on the bottom floor) by service lift.

I don’t know much about the history of the building, but I found some info on Wikipedia, and on another history site is says:

The George (formerly George and Dragon), High Street, is recorded from 1716, but was rebuilt c. 1902. It bears a tablet, dated 1752, with a cryptic inscription commemorating a cherry pie. [Source]

You can see the tablet (plaque) it refers to on the side of the building in the shot above, and here is a close up of it…

It’s always great to hear a story behind a photograph – and that’s why I love photography and the memories that they can invoke.


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