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Maleficent - Plus-Size DisneyBound - for when you don't want to dress up in a costume, but still want to have that Disney magic for your outfit! This would be perfect for Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party!

Did you know that adults are not allowed to dress up in costume when visiting a Disney theme park? Yup, it’s true. The official word is:

Adults can visit the parks if their hair (or makeup, if applicable) resembles a Disney Princess or character, provided that they are not also wearing a costume or clothed to look like the character. – Walt Disney World

One of the only times that it is allowed is at Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party (MNSSHP). The rules are bent a bit for this special event, but there are still some guidelines from Disney Mom’s Panel…

  1. If your costume is too good, you might be asked to change clothing or amend your costume in some way.
  2. You can not behave like a character by posing for pictures or signing autographs as this can be confusing for other guests.
  3. Your costume should not obscure your vision, be offensive or obstruct others.
  4. Costumes cannot be violent or too scary – there are lots of young children at MNSSHP.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, then you will know that we are headed to Walt Disney World for Halloween! We have got tickets for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party for the 31st October (I don’t care how packed it is, as long as I’m there for Halloween night, it’s like a million Christmases for me!)

Now, the title of this post is Maleficent – Plus Size DisneyBound. What does that even mean?? Well, Maleficent is my favourite Disney Villain of all time and I’m plus size…this makes buying off the rack dressing up costumes a little bit tricky – especially if I want something specific like a Disney costume. So when I discovered DisneyBounding last year, I thought I would start putting together my own DisneyBound outfits.

But what is DisneyBound?

It is really quite simple – using inspiration from your favourite Disney characters, use regular clothing and accessories to inspire your outfit!

There are some amazing DisneyBounders out there, you only have to check out Pinterest to get some inspiration, but when I looked through them, as amazing as they were, a lot of the ideas were just not going to work for me! Very high heels (not practical for walking around a theme park!) Lots of layers (I understand why, as it helps to build the outfit, but not practical for the Orlando heat) and, a lot were clothes not made for a plus size chick (well, a plus size chick like me that these days is very plus size).

I want to DisneyBound in style, but still be cool and comfortable, and be able to walk around without tripping over in heels!

My theme park “uniform” as it were, is always cropped leggings with a sleeveless, lightweight top and Crocs – the comfiest shoes for me to wear at Disney! They’re the very cute Olivia ones, and not the clunky original ones *shudders*

Check out this picture of Maleficent, and you should be able to see how it gave me inspiration to create the DisneyBound outfit that I did.

Maleficent - Sleeping Beauty

I bought Maleficent Mickey Ears last year for the special Disney event, Villain’s Unleashed, so I’ve got that part of the outfit covered already! Maleficent wears a long cloak, with black and purple being the predominant colours. So I decided to pair a floaty, purple dress (also available in black, which would work too) with some cropped black leggings. Should it get a bit chilly in the later evening (as it can in October) then I’ve added a lightweight black kimono.

Maleficent wears a black stone ring- check; and has Diablo, her raven, as her sidekick – can’t be taking no birds into the theme park, so a pair of raven earrings instead! The final touch would be the make up with green and purple eye shadow, bright red lipstick, and the same colour for nails.

And that, as they say, is that! Well, other than me creating another outfit that I would wear to a Halloween party, here in the UK, where October is freezing cold, and I can get away with high heels for a while!

Just click on either outfit board to be taken to my Polyvore where you can find all the links to each outfit element, and please excuse the blurriness of the items – the quality of the images from shopping sites is something I can’t control I’m afraid!

Maleficent - Plus-Size DisneyBound

Maleficent Crafts

If Maleficent is your favorite Disney Villain, then check out these awesome Maleficent crafts!

This post was originally part of my 100 Days of Disney series.

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