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How To Make Wrapping Paper Christmas Trees! These are so easy and fun to make!

Wrapping Paper Christmas Trees

I wanted to make this craft as simple as I could, using things I had around the house, and what is there an abundance of at this time of year? Wrapping paper of course! I love how these wrapping paper Christmas trees have turned out – they’re so cute! They are perfect as decorations on the mantle, or for the festive dining table this Christmas.

You will need

  • Wrapping paper
  • Compass & pencil
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Decorative edge scissors (optional)
  • Straws
  • Double sided or regular sticky tape
  • Salt
  • Shot glasses and/or jam jars

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Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree Cones - Material Required



Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree Cones - Step 1

Step 1

On the reverse of a piece of wrapping paper, draw out 9 circles. Set the compass at 10cm, 9cm, 8cm, 7cm, 6cm, 5cm, 4cm, 3cm, and 2cm.

Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree Cones - Step 2

Step 2

Carefully cut each one out with scissors. You can use decorative edge scissors if you like.

Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree Cones - Step 3

Step 3

Fold each circle in half, and cut to form two semi-circles. Fold over each semi-circle in half again, and pinch to find the centre. Place a strip of double sided tape (if using) from the centre out to the edge.

Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree Cones - Step 4

Step 4

Bend each semi-circle around to form a cone. A good tip is to form the cone first, before un-peeling the double sided tape so that you know you have the correct size that you want. Alternatively, form a cone, and place sticky tape along the edge to hold together.

Wrapping Paper Christmas Tree Cones - Step 5

Step 5

Pour salt into containers and add a straw. Stack up the cones however you wish, to form the Christmas trees in different sizes and styles. To make a tree with gaps, snip the tip from the top of the cone and thread the straw through. You can keep them in place with a little blob of white tack.

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