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How To Make Mini DIY Fern Wreaths. You could use ferns, twigs or even herbs from the garden.

Mini Fern Wreaths

These mini fern wreaths are a lovely decoration to make for the Christmas table. If you don’t have access to fern, you could use fresh rosemary instead which would leave a wonderful aroma!

To make these mini fern wreaths you will need:

  • Fern stems, 12-15cm long
  • Dried cranberries
  • Thin wire
  • Red raffia or ribbon
  • Scissors
  • Decorative edge scissors (optional)
  • Green card
  • Silver marker pen

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Fern & Dried Cranberry Wreath - Materials



Step 1

You will need 3 to 4 fern stems, depending on their length, and their bendability to form a wreath. Cut 8cm pieces of wire and wrap around the bottom end of each stem.

Fern & Dried Cranberry Wreath - Step 1

Step 2

Bind one end to the top of another stem, and continue around until you have formed a wreath. You may have to bend gently to ease into shape.

Fern & Dried Cranberry Wreath - Step 2

Fern & Dried Cranberry Wreath - Step 2a

Step 3

Cut a length of raffia or ribbon and wrap around to hide the wire at one point. Knot, and tie off into a bow.

Fern & Dried Cranberry Wreath - Step 3

Step 4

Cut 6cm pieces of wire, and thread a few dried cranberries into the middle. Bend over and fix to the wreath by twisting at the back. You can use the cranberries to hide and wire from the earlier wreath making.

Fern & Dried Cranberry Wreath - Step 4

Fern & Dried Cranberry Wreath - Step 4a

Step 5

Cut a piece of card to form a name place holder. Cut with decorative edges scissors if you like. Write name on the card and place in the middle of the wreath. You could also hang this wreath up by tying another length of raffia or ribbon to form a loop for hanging.

Fern & Dried Cranberry Wreath - Step 5

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