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A quick post for you today – a piece of canvas art I made last week for the upcoming Diamond Jubilee.

I had bought a 6 inch square piece canvas block to do *something* with for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee Big Lunch that I plan on hosting on 3rd June. Since I had red and blue paint, I thought the simplest thing to do was to paint the Union Jack on the front…so that’s exactly what I did!

Rather generous with the paint! Leaving the white of the canvas to show through as the white parts of the flag. I carried the design over the sides of the canvas, and didn’t worry too much if I had the red diagonal cross in the right place – I know that there is a right way up and a wrong way up for the Union Jack, but I don’t know what way is correct :P

I then left it to dry, before using a black Sharpie pen to write the word ‘Jubilee’ across the red cross.

I then thought it looked a bit lack lustre, so thought I would paint over everything with the sealing varnish that I used to make my decoupage boxes.

Everything was going great, until towards the bottom where the varnish was starting to make the pain bubble up…oh noes!!!!!! I thought – it’s ruined!

But no fear, I then decided to make that work and distress the whole thing by using some kitchen paper to wipe off the excess paint and varnish. I even re-wrote the word ‘Jubilee’ (a lot better the second time around) as the varnish took that off as well >_<


Leaving it to dry completely, I then hung it over the door knobs on my living room unit and another decoration completed for the Diamond Jubilee!


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