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With the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee a little over a month away now, it’s time for me to get into gear and start getting everything ready. I’ve got all my plans scribbled down in my notebook, and I’ve already started on some of the craft projects. As it’s a Monday, it’s time for ‘Make It’ Mondays and I’ve got the first idea to show you…Diamond Jubilee Decoupage Boxes!

They were so simple to make, yet look so cool! I’ve been meaning to turn my hand to some decoupage for a long time, and finally the opportunity arose!

I bought some plain, cardboard boxes – made specially to decorate by www.papermania.co.uk – from a local craft shop. They weren’t very expensive. A few pounds maybe. I thought boxes would be a great thing to try this craft out on as they are not only decorative, but also useful to keep bits and bobs inside.

To decorate I bought paint in red, white and blue – the colours of the Union Jack, as well as a packet of decopatch® papers to stick on top. To stick the papers to the boxes I used PVA glue, which is a glue that dries clear.

To seal everything I used another product from decopatch® – their sealing varnish.

So with everything purchased, it was time to decorate!

I gave each box (and their lids) two coats of paint. One red, one white and one blue. Leaving them to dry in between each coat.

I then started to tear up the decopatch® paper – it’s tissue paper and very easy to rip. No technique – I just carefully (or uncarefully, depending on how you roll!) tore around the pattern I wanted to use and then glued the pieces of paper to the box using watered down PVA glue. This is what the lady in the craft shop told me to – so not sure why it has to be watered down!

I continued ripping and sticking layers of tissue paper to each box until I was satisfied with my design. I left them to dry for about an hour or so, and then applied the sealing varnish to protect my work.

Some more drying time later and all done!

I LOVED how they turned out! Very modern shabby chic!

At the moment I’ve got them stacked up in my living room, and may leave them as such for decoration, or possibly find something to put inside them…not sure yet.

So, if you’d like to make these yourself, head on down to your local craft shop and pick up what you need…although you don’t need expensive, fancy papers – you could use any ripped up pictures you like – from newspapers, magazines, gift wrap…I think the important bit is sealing everything in with varnish.

Have fun! And remember you can always share you creations with me on my Facebook page – I would love to see your creations ^_^


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