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Need a last-minute Halloween decoration? This Googly Eye Pumpkin craft is IT! Googly eyes make everything awesome, and this pumpkin is a great no-carve idea that is safe, simple, and fun for kids to do with minimal supervision. Use fake pumpkins so that you can bring this creepy decoration out year after year.

I’ve shared lots of great craft ideas on The Purple Pumpkin Blog over the years, in fact, there are 100+ crafts to make and do at home that you can try, including more Halloween crafts.

Googly Eye Pumpkin Craft

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Googly Eye Pumpkin Craft

I’m always on the lookout for simple crafts for kids that I can do with my niece who loves crafting and this googly eye pumpkin (or wiggle eye pumpkin, depending I guess on what you call those craft eyes!) fits the bill perfectly!

Turn it into a learning activity at the same time by sorting out the different sizes of eyes and counting them out too.

If you craft regularly you may already have a whole bunch of googly eyes in your stash, and if not, order some online using Amazon Prime and get them delivered same-day, one-day, or two-day – depending on the item and geo-location. I honestly couldn’t be without my Prime membership which is free for 30-days to try out and a nominal monthly fee thereafter. I do so many things last minute that same day shipping for me is always a lifesaver!

Materials & Tools Used in This Craft

  • Foam Pumpkinyou could use a real pumpkin if it’s easier for you to get one.
  • Googly Eyesan assortment of sizes (and colors if you like) to create a really cool design
  • Black Acrylic Paintjust a suggested color, use any color you like!
  • Paintbrush – for applying the paint
  • White School Glue – also known as PVA glue in the UK. It dries clear and is great for crafts
Quick & Easy to Make Googly Eye Pumpkins

How To Make A Googly Eye Pumpkin

It is super easy to make this craft! Simply paint a foam pumpkin with black acrylic paint – you may find that you need a few coats to get full coverage. Make sure you let them dry in between coats.

If you are using a real pumpkin you can paint that too with acrylic paint as above.

Want to use a different color paint? Do it! Paint a pumpkin green and with all those wiggly eyes it will look like an alien!

Painting Pumpkin with Acrylic Paint

When the paint is completely dry it’s time for the fun part – sticking on all of the eyes!

Apply dots of glue and stick the eyes on in any way that you like. Start with the biggest eyes you have, then fill in the spaces with smaller eyes.

Leave to dry and then display for Halloween!

Adding Googly Eyes to Craft Pumpkin
Super Easy Googly Eye Pumpkin Craft for Kids

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Googly Eye Pumpkins

Googly Eye Pumpkins

Yield: A pumpkin that is always watching you!
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 30 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner

Transform a cheap foam pumpkin into a spooky-fun Halloween decoration in this project which is easy for kids to do!


  • Foam Pumpkin
  • Googly Eyes
  • Black Acrylic Pain
  • White School Glue/PVA


  • Paintbrush


  1. Basecoat the pumpkin with black paint and leave to dry. Apply a second and third coat if required. Make sure to let each coat of paint dry completely.
  2. Apply dots of glue onto the pumpkin surface and place the googly eyes in a random (or patterned!) fashion.
  3. Leave to dry and display for Halloween!

Step by step photos demonstrating how to make Googly Eye Pumpkins

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