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Day 9 – Cook, Craft, Create: December 2012

At Link Party #8, Sarah from Alderberry Hill shared an awesome lighted glass block she made for Halloween…I intended to make one myself, bought the glass block and everything, but just ran out of time and didn’t end up doing it. So, for day 9 of Cook, Craft, Create: December: 2012, I’ve decorated a glass block and will use it to decorate at Christmas instead!

Decorated Glass Block | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

I’ve seen tutorials online that tell you how to drill a hole into the glass block so that you can insert lights…but I wasn’t feeling brave enough to do that, so the above picture is my decorated glass block sat in front of a jar of fairy lights!

Right, so you need a glass block – I bought mine from a DIY shop for a few quid, as well as some ribbon to wrap around the block and some stickers or vinyl to decorate the front.

I printed (back-to-front) on the back of a sheet of black vinyl, the words ‘Merry Christmas’, and carefully cut them out with scissors and a craft knife. I so wish I had a Silhouette Cameo machine, but they are a little out of my price range at the moment…they are fab looking though! But for now, scissors and craft knives will have to do!

Decorated Glass Block | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

With my words all cut out and the right way around ;) I placed them where I wanted on the glass block. I then wrapped the ribbon around the edges and tied in a bow at the top.

My decorated glass block sits on the window ledge…a simple, minimalist decoration! I might put some tea-lights behind it…will give it a try and report back!

Decorated Glass Block | The Purple Pumpkin Blog

But oh, how pretty with fairy lights – hubby said he might try drilling a hole in the back so we can insert the lights…we’ll see! Either way it is displayed, I love its simplicity, and I can easily peel off the lettering and change it up for different occasions!

Decorated Glass Block | The Purple Pumpkin Blog


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