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Hollywood Studios; Chef Mickey’s (Character Breakfast); Flying Fish Cafe (Signature Dining)

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August 17th, 2014
…Continued from Part 4…

We made our way to Disney’s Boardwalk again for our reservation at Flying Fish Café which is a signature restaurant.

Disney Boardwalk

When it comes to the Disney Deluxe Dining Plan and signature dining, you are entitled to one appetizer, one entrée, one dessert and one non-alcoholic drink (usually refillable) for 2 credits per person.

We had a fairly late reservation here, and didn’t have to wait too long for our table. I do like in signature restaurants, at least in our experience on this trip, is that you don’t feel rushed – even more so when you’re on a later sitting.

Flying Fish Cafe

Flying Fish Cafe

Flying Fish Cafe


Flying Fish Cafe Appetizers

Me: Chardonnay-steamed Seasonal Mussels – fennel, chillies, pesto crema, and ciabatta crostini ($18)

Him: Yellowfin Tuna Tartare and Crispy Tepura Tuna – vegetable sushi roll – Hijiki and wakame seaweed, yuzu tobiko, and wasabi foam with a sweet-and-spicy sauce ($18)

The Boy: Crispy Togarashi-scented Calamari and Florida Rock Shrimp – spiced green papaya, wakame, and vegetable julienne with an Asian-inspired dipping sauce ($15)

I don’t like fennel, but I really fancied the mussels and asked the waiter if they cooked the sauce from scratch, which they do, and could they leave out the fennel, which they could. Mussels it was! The portion was huge, and the crostini was lovely and crunchy.

Flying Fish Cafe Mussels

Steve’s sushi was presented beautifully, although the light just wasn’t working for me so it’s not the best photo I’m afraid! A generous appetizer, with a spicy kick to it. It was my second choice if they hadn’t been able to accommodate my “no fennel” request!

Flying Fish Cafe Sushi

Liam getting more adventurous by the meal decided he would try the calamari and rock shrimp. None of us had a clue what rock shrimp are and couldn’t work out what they were on the plate! I was surprised that he ate most of this, apart from the tentacles! The calamari was not rubbery, and the fried food was lovely and crisp.

Flying Fish Cafe Calamari and Rock Shrimp


Flying Fish Cafe Entrees

Me: Signature Flying Fish Cafe Entree Duo: Char-Crusted Angus NY Strip Steak and Potato-Wrapped Red Snapper – steak with haricot vert, roasted fingerling potatoes, cippolini onions, and beech mushrooms with classic sauce foyot; red snapper over a rich leek fondue with a veal glace de viande, and red wine-cassis butter reduction($47)

Him: Chef’s Special Thunder Fish – pan-roasted day-boat Caribbean corvina, butter-poached wild dungeness crab, herb-laced exotic wild rice, toasted pinenuts and a medley of crisp summer-crop vegetables with a Meyer lemon butter emulsion ($40)

The Boy: Char-crusted Angus New York Strip Steak – haricot vert, roasted fingerling potatoes, cippolini onions, and beech mushrooms with classic sauce foyot ($43)

When we dined at Kouzzina, our waitress told us about the red snapper at Flying Fish Café, and having had red snapper only once before when I went to Texas in 1994, I was keen to eat it again as I remembered it tasting very good! I wasn’t disappointed. Snapper has a really meaty texture, almost like chicken! It’s not too fishy either. My steak was very salty though, and I was disappointed with this portion of the duo – should have just had the snapper!

Flying Fish Cafe Steak and Red Snapper

Steve’s main course was very light and full of flavour. The fish was tasty, not too fishy and it made a change to have a different accompaniment than potatoes!

Flying Fish Cafe Thunder Fish

As adventurous as Liam was with his starter, he didn’t want to venture to trying fish for his main, so went with a tried and trusted steak. He didn’t seem to mind the saltiness of it, and instead of the sides which were listed in the menu, the waiter substituted them for fries instead, which came in a very cute fry basket.

Flying Fish Cafe New York Strip Steak


Flying Fish Cafe Desserts

Me: Signature Flying Fish Cafe Caramelized Banana Napoleon – crisp phyllo, banana mousse, crème caramel, exotic fruit coulis and bitter chocolate ($8)

Him: Classic Tahitian Vanilla Bean Crème Brûlée – Breton French butter biscuits with blackberry and strawberry accentuations ($6)

The Boy: Seasonal House-Made Sorbets – with fresh Berries and a crisp tuile ($7)

I do love a banana dessert, and really enjoyed this. It looked very pretty on the plate and had lots of different textures and flavours.

Flying Fish Cafe Banana Napoleon

Full on vanilla flavour in the crème caramel, and the biscuits we just the right amount of sweet to compliment the dessert.

93 Flying Fish Cafe Creme Brulee

Liam’s always up for a dessert, so when he was in that kind of mood, we generally picked the lightest thing on the menu, which in this case was sorbet. Unfortunately, I forgot to jot down what the sorbet flavours were, but he did eat some of it, and left the rest to me and Steve!

94 Flying Fish Cafe Sorbet

Flying Fish Café

Bill Total: $224.69 (6 Credits) {Tip: $42.19}

DxDDP Running Totals: Bill: $ 1102.96 | Credits: 30/126 | Tips: $183.67

We had a really enjoyable meal at the Flying Fish Café, the service was excellent, and our waiter was very knowledgeable, friendly and funny too. He kept ribbing Liam for checking out the girls out on the Boardwalk! Would definitely come back here in the future.

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