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Villains Unleashed; Hollywood Brown Derby (Signature Dining); Rosie’s All-American Café (Counter Service); Fantasmic

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August 23rd, 2014
…Continued from Part 1…

It was still raining when we left the restaurant, so we hung inside for a bit as we didn’t fancy getting wet, and then being wet for the rest of the night. Eventually it calmed down and we went over near the Backlot Tour to pick up our lanyards to show we were guests of the event.

The line moved unnecessarily slowly, but we eventually got to the front. I also picked up a park map, and good thing I did as they actually ended up running out. I guess this was the first sign that maybe they had oversold the event!

From our complaint letter…

Firstly, we found it hard to understand why, after entering the Hollywood Studios park, why we then had to queue for almost an hour just to claim our Villians Unleashed lanyard. When we first entered the park, the lady in reception confirmed that our Magic Bands already had the tickets loaded on. It would therefore have seemed logical to us to hand the lanyards out at this time. However, we were told that this wasn’t possible and to our dismay had to join a long queue after 5.00 pm to pick them up.

My feet were in agony from water retention and blisters, so we sat on the benches near Min & Bills Dockside Diner. We saw both Thumper and Donald Duck in real life!

Liam and Steve then went off to go and buy some of the Villains Unleashed merchandise, which was being sold in one location only over in Streets of America. I sat and people watched. There were some people dressed up, which was cool. I initially went wearing my Maleficent Mickey Ears which we bought at Wilderness Lodge, but I then saw people with even more awesome Poison Apple Ears, and I totally NEEDED them! So I bought some!

Villains Unleashed at Disney Hollywood Studios

After what seemed like forever, Liam came back to tell me that Steve was still lining up! The time was inching closer to the start. Eventually hubs also returned, and said the line was hideous, told me that they had sold out of the pins (which I wanted to add to my collection) and sold out of t-shirts as well. And to top it off, that was the only location that was selling them in the whole park!

From our complaint letter…

Secondly, I had my mind set on purchasing a special Villians Unleashed t-shirt, as, coming from the UK, we thought this would make a nice souvenir. You can then imagine my shock to find that in the whole park, there was only one stand selling merchandise. To this day, I cannot comprehend the reason for this, and nor could numerous Disney staff who I questioned either.

My shock, sooned turned from amazement to disappointment, as, having queued at this one and only merchandise stand for over 2 hours, I was then told that all stock of items had sold out. I was so disappointed. Surely, having sold tickets, you would have known how many people were entering the park. I therefore fail to comprehend why there wasn’t enough stock so that everyone could purchase a souvenir.

Bummed out that we wouldn’t have a souvenir from the night, Soon, the countdown reached the final 3, 2, 1 and Villains Unleashed had officially begun! Hades and Meg (from Hercules) did the introductions of the Villains, and hubs took a video of this which you can see below. I did my best with photos! It was super awesome to see all the Villains, just wish there would have been a better system for meet-and-greets.

Countdown to Villains Unleashed


…Continued in Part 3…


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