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Wow, Christmas is really starting to creep up on us now. I know it happens every year, but it always catches me by surprise – does it you? I always think I’ve got weeks to go, then BAM, suddenly it’s just a few weeks away! In the gift buying department I’ve got you covered with a series of gift guides for you. Today it’s 10+ fantastic Christmas gift ideas for kids aged 5-8.

I’m sure your own children have been inundating you with Christmas pressie lists for ages now, or drawing circles around items in the catalogue (do kids still do this?!), but just in case they haven’t, or you’ve got a child to buy for who isn’t your son/daughter, have a browse through this guide for some ideas!

10+ Fantastic Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids (aged 5-8).

Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids (aged 5-8)

I’ve reached out to brands for this Christmas Gift Guide, so products marked with an asterisk (*) have been gifted to me. Other items I’ve included are things I think would make a great gift, or an addition to a gift basket or Christmas stocking. This post also contains Amazon Affiliate and other affiliate links. If you clicked the link then made a purchase, a small percentage of the sale price would be paid to me. It doesn’t cost you anything more but it helps keep the lights on over here!


This guide is detailed (and long!) Of course I would love you to browse through all the items within it, but if you are short on time, each of the links listed will jump to the relevant section. Don’t forget you can save this post to Pinterest to read later. Or maybe share it on Facebook to drop a few hints!

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For the child who loves books…

The Christmas Snowflake*

Snowflake is looking for a place to call home this Christmas – but only you and your loved ones can help! A charmingly personalised festive tale the whole family will adore.

Up to 9 different family members can help Snowflake on the journey. Their names will magically appear on Snowflake’s crystals, festive Christmas stockings, and even floating majestically on the wind…

The Christmas Snowflake is a visual and lyrical treat – illuminated with heartwarming characters, gorgeous illustrations and playful verse on every page.

The Christmas Snowflake Book from Wonderbly

The Christmas Snowflake Book from Wonderbly

We are big fans of Wonderbly (formerly Lost My Name) and their personalised books. You can read the reviews of Kingdom of You and The Little Girl Who Lost Her Name. In fact keep on reading through this gift guide as there is another awesome book from Wonderbly for slightly older children too!

Once again, Wonderbly deliver a wonderful book, printed on luxurious, premium quality paper with 34 gorgeously illustrated pages, and lovely lyrical verse throughout. The story is magical and it’s not just about one child like their other books – up to 9 other people can be added too. This really brings the story to life for the whole family, and I can see this book being a new tradition.

The book comes in hardback format, and measures 29.7 cm x 17.8 cm. You can also add festive gift wrap for a small extra cost. The wrapping is like a huge cardboard envelope, which can be used to store the book inside until next Christmas.

Customisation of the book is very easy – you just follow the steps online, and can preview it all before you send in your order. You also have the option to write a special message to the recipient.

Buy The Christmas Snowflake from Wonderbly


Awesome Advent Calendars for all the family


For the child who loves little playsets…

My Mermaid Lagoon*

Create a magical underwater world with Marina the Mermaid and her dolphin friend.

Kids will love getting creative, building the beautiful ocean scene by moulding and sculpting the glittery sand and using the shaped moulds before accessorising with corals, shells and other items to make their own design for Marina.

My Mermaid Lagoon

Can I just first off say how absolutely adorable this is? You know I am a sucker for cute things, and this is the cutest! I know when I was a little girl I loved these sorts of playsets, and my 5 year old niece loves them too. I think it’s the little characters and play pieces that are the charm as children can make up stories and really have an imaginative playtime.

The set includes: one display bottle base with lid, one display bottle stopper, one Marina mermaid figure with mermaid shell, one dolphin figure with stand, one trident, four sand moulds (shell and starfish shapes), four corals, one bag of magic sand and an eight page step-by- step illustrated activity guide.

Buy My Mermaid Lagoon from





For the child who…

Mini Hornit*

The Mini Hornit is the world’s most fun accessory for children’s bikes and scooters! It comes loaded with 25 sound effects from bells and trumpets to racing cars and animals, and has bright lights (white and green) for safety.

It also comes with a remote trigger for use on bikes which enables children to operate the sounds without taking their hands off the handlebars and top quality AAA batteries

Mini Hornit featured on the BBC (Dragons’ Den), As Seen on TV in the US and in the national and international press. It has also scooped the Rainbow Toy Award for best outdoor toy, the Good Toy Guide award and the Right Start Award.

This is a really fun gadget for kids to put on their scooters or bikes – I’ve actually given it to my niece already (I wanted to check it wasn’t too loud for her, as she does have a sensitivity to loud things) and she LOVES it! She thinks it’s really funny and loves having it on her scooter! The remote trigger is very good for safety, meaning your child can keep their hands safely on the handle bars.

Here is the list of sounds: Bike Bell – Olé Trumpet – Racing Cars – Police Siren – Motorbike – Laser – Helicopter – Fire Engine – Fart – Magic Spell – Aeroplane – Hooter – Burp – Wolf – Rooster – Lion – Elephant – Horse – Hornet – Magic Carpet – Bomb Drop – Reversing Truck – Train – Klaxon – Zapper

The Mini Hornit comes in 4 different colour combos – blue/orange; purple/pink; red/blue; and black.

You can buy the Mini Hornit from The Hornit website.


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For the child who loves to explore…

Step Outside Guide Books*

Step Outside Guides are the friendliest family guide books to London – and the most fun! Explore the great and the small, the old and the new, the huge and the hidden with our day-long, cost-free themed routes, all in the company of a friendly animal resident.

Each Step Outside Guide contains a delightful day-long trail through London. Some focus on a particular area and some look at themes throughout the city. The beautifully illustrated pages contain a mix of things to see, fascinating facts, quirky ideas and silly bits of fun.

Step Outside Guide Books

There are seven Guides in the series:

  • The London Treasure Trail – Tembo the baby elephant leads you on a wonderful adventure all the way from Holborn to Kensington.
  • Down by the Thames – Wander through 2,000 years of London’s history in the company of Octavius the Octopus, who lives by the river.
  • The London Lion Hunt – A safari day through Westminster, Whitehall and beyond. Join William the South Bank Lion, and let him introduce you to lots of his friends.
  • Christmas in London – Enjoy a fun-packed festive day in London! Jennie and Christopher Wren escort you on a detective trail, discovering elements from the story of the First Christmas.
  • If Statues Could Talk – Join Hodge, Dr Samuel Johnson’s favourite cat, as Jon Bickley’s sculpture comes to life and introduces you to a London statue for each letter of the alphabet.
  • Kensington Gardens & Beyond – A wander through Kensington Gardens with Hermione Heron.
  • London’s Splendid Square Mile – Let Cam & Bert, London’s friendliest, cheese-loving mice, introduce you to the ancient City of London.

Step Outside Guide Books

First off, I love these books because they have been written by a local – living just a few train stops down from me! You can tell that the writers know London very well, and they have put together some amazing guide books for kids – and to be fair – us big kids too!

I am a born and bred Londoner, so I adore these books. I actually cannot wait to use them, just as much as taking my niece and nephew (although, he’s still a bit too young at 3 months old!!) to explore the city where we were all born.

The books are designed so that children can lead the way and the animal characters that narrate and guide you are really sweet. Everything that you can see in the books is free! As parents we know how expensive a day out can be. The books have detailed maps and instructions, as well as information about wheelchair and buggy access, picnic and rest spots, and the very important free/public toilets.

It’s advised to read the books through first so that you know what to take and has all information about where you’ll be visiting. Each route starts and ends at a Tube station. Some routes include walking and bus journeys, but with the explanation and map of the route, you can’t get lost!

In short, I think these books are fab – so if you live in/near London or if you’re coming into London for a day out, they are well worth buying! Don’t forget to bring your camera – and you can share your photos of your day out on Step Outside Guides’ Facebook page.

You can buy the Step Outside Guides from
They are also available to buy in the gift shop at St. Paul’s Cathedral, and the Geffrye Museum, as well as bookshops.


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For the child who loves Disney…

Itty Bittys*

Itty Bittys (Hallmark’s mini plush toys) are released under various collections, such as Star Wars, Marvel, and Wizard Of Oz to name but a few.

They have recently released a pair of Collector Edition Itty Bittys – Santa Mickey and Minnie Claus! How cute are they?!

The Itty Bitty characters are fab for role play and recreating stories.

Mickey & Minnie Itty Bittys

Itty Bittys are available to buy on Amazon and in lots of independent stockists across the country!





For the child who loves crafts…

Make Your Own Teddy Bear Soft Toy Family*

Create your very own family of cuddly best friends with the Out to Impress Teddy Bear Family Set!

This cute crafts set gives you everything you need to make three cuddly soft toys. Use the thread and stuffing and bring Daddy Bear, Mummy Bear and Baby Bear to life!

Once complete, name your three new friends on the included adoption certificates.

This Make Your Own Teddy Bear Set’s ideal for ages five and up.

We all know how expensive a certain build your own teddy bear company is, so this is a fab alternative that children can actually make themselves at home! Inside the kit you get 3 x bears, stuffing, [plastic] needle, thread, and 3 adoption certificates.

Buy the Make Your Own Teddy Bear Soft Toy Family kit from The Entertainer.



For the child who loves collecting…

Super Wings World Airport Flight Crew Figure Collector Pack*

Kids can collect their favourite characters with the Super Wings World Airport Flight Crew Collector Pack. The set comes with all eight of the Super Wings Transform-A-Bot figures, plus seven
additional mini-figures, including Jimbo! Transform your character from plane to robot in three easy steps and enjoy creating exciting adventures with this collection!

Super Wings World Airport Flight Crew Figure Collector Pack

Super Wings is a hugely popular, action-packed, animation series that can be watched twice daily on Cartoonito. The series revolves around Jett, an adorable jet plane, who travels round the world experiencing different cultures while delivering packages to children. With every delivery, Jett encounters a new problem that he and his friends, the Super Wings, must work together to solve. The storyline encourages children to learn about friendship, develop problem solving skills and introduces them to different parts of the world.

Buy Super Wings from Amazon.


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For the child who loves collectables…

Awesome Little Green Men*

A new collectible has arrived in the UK, Awesome Little Green Men, they may be small but their characters are larger than life and serious about the mission ahead.

The fresh new take on little green army men raises the bar by infusing battle and game play with 100 unique characters to collect in Series 1, including four super rare figures in the green army and the blue army.

Each with their own expression, you can find the likes of Sgt. Juliett and Major Zoomie to collect, each boasting different stats – who can build the strongest troops to win the battle?

Awesome Little Green Men

How fun are these awesome Little Green Men?! Collectables where the rage in my day, and the trend continues for modern day children too! Except we seemed to only collect and swap stickers, these days there are loads of fun collectable for children. I love that while the collection is called Little Green Men, that they do contain both male and female military characters. The expressions they have are just brilliant!

You can buy Awesome Little Green Men from Amazon


For the child who loves Roald Dahl…

My Golden Ticket Book*

A brand new, remarkably personalised story from Wonderbly! This book gives every child a unique adventure in Willy Wonka’s factory. They’ll explore wondrous new rooms and uncover their own delicious secrets.

As with all Wonderbly books, they are personalised, so on his way around the factory, a kid called Jack might collect flavours like Juicy Jello, an Airy centre, some Colossal effect and even a hint of Kindness!

By the end of the story your child will discover something truly tremendous – a one-of-a-kind Wonka bar inspired by their name. (Just don’t try to eat it, it’s only a picture.)

They even get a personalised Oompa Loompa song! A marvellously melodious moment! Your child won’t believe their eyes when they realise that everything in the story has been inspired by their own name.

The Golden Ticket Book from Wonderbly

The Golden Ticket Book from Wonderbly

I love, love, LOVE this book! It might have something to do with the fact that Roald Dahl was my favourite childhood author… Or it might be that it’s such a fab twist on the classic story “Charlie & The Chocolate Factory” except this time it is YOU (or rather the child you’ve had this book made for!) in the story. In fact, it is written from their point of view in a journal style, and is packed with great illustrations that keep you turning the pages.

Just like in the book by Roald Dahl, where Charlie took his Grandpa Joe on the tour of Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, the child in the book can take a companion along with them, which I think is fab. A dedication can also be added.

Because the book is written from the point of view of the child, it’s best that the gifter enters the name that the child calls them (e.g. Grandma Maggie, rather than Maggie). The gifter is portrayed as an adult character in the story – taking responsibility for the child and explaining things – so this feature of the book wouldn’t really make sense if another child’s name was added, rather than a grown-ups. Just a little thing to remember.

My Golden Ticket is available in hardcover and softcover with gold foil debossed cover, and printed on premium quality 150gsm paper.

Optional gift wrap is available (similar to The Christmas Snowflake earlier in this post).

And the book can also become a treat not only for the eyes, and ears, but also for the nose! Add a beautifully illustrated Wonka postcard that infuses the book with its candy aroma!

Buy My Golden Ticket from Wonderbly.



For the child who loves Sylvanian Families…

Sylvanian Families

I always wanted Sylvanian Families when I was a little girl, and I never got any! I indulge in my childhood by having a couple of sets (for collectable purposes of course, but that my niece can play with when we hang out!) at home.

I follow Sylvanian Families on @SylvanianUK (of course I do!) and was bowled over when I saw their Halloween range… and now, I’ve discovered they have some Christmas stuff too? So cute!

However, the house below is the 2-storey Beechwood Hall from Amazon which I think they’ve added little decorations to! How cute is that?!

So if your little one/s loves these little characters, take a look at the range to see what’s new; or have a go at decorating their existing collection!

Sylvanian Families
[Image courtesy of Sylvanian Families UK Website]



For the child who loves sweets…

Sweet Buckets

Sweets and other confectionery are a staple Christmas pressie for all ages! Often themed for Christmas, I’m sure we all, as kids, or adults have had a box of festive sweet treats in our Christmas stocking!

These cute Sweet Buckets from Sweet Arrangements are fantastic! I love that there are several different themes to choose from including:

  • Princess – with sugar coated marshmallows, a candy necklace, a delicious tasting cherry lollipop, along with lots of butterflies and pink hearts!
  • Big Bugs – with sugar coated marshmallows, giant creepy spiders and massive rats!
  • Prince – with sugar coated marshmallows, a giant blueberry pencil, a delicious tasting blueberry lollipop, along with lots of racing cars and mini coloured pencils!
  • Fizzy Little Creatures – with yellow sugar coated marshmallows, sugar coated glow worms and fizzy jelly snakes!
  • Let’s Dress Up – with pink and white marshmallows, a candy necklace, fruit flavoured lipstick sticks, fruit lollies and fruity jelly friendship rings!
  • Sea World – with blue sugar coated marshmallows, and array of jelly sweets including Freaky Fish, Dolphins and Star Fish!
  • Over The Rainbow – with assorted colours of sugar coated marshmallows, mini multi-coloured pencils, chocolate beans and a rainbow coloured lolly!

…means that there is a sweet bucket for pretty much everyone!

You can buy these Sweet Buckets from Sweet Arrangements.



For the child who loves to craft…

Fashion Headbands

Create 10 awesome hair accessories with this ultimate headband set. The Fashion Headbands craft kit includes a rainbow array of satin headbands, rhinestone, flowers, feathers a butterfly, yards of ribbon and more.

Creativity for Kids is a branch of Art Company Faber-Castell. They produce fantastic project based art kits for Children in mind.

Fashion Headbands

Fashion Headbands

I can’t wait to be able to make these with my 5 year old niece! She loves anything crafty, and loves wearing headbands too. I think this is a great value for money craft set as it comes with 10 headbands, plus lots of lovely embellishments to decorate with. The kit does come with craft glue, which is good for young children, but I would personally be inclined to add a dab of hot glue one she is finished so that everything really stays in place.

Buy the Fashion Headbands set from Crafty Arts


For the child who loves Pokémon…

Pokémon Toys

I remember Pokemon the first time around! I used to play it on my Gameboy Color (I know, I’m old!) with my son asleep in my arms! He’s now nearly 19! He used to love and play Pokémon when he was a kid, and nostalgia certainly got to him when he saw this range of Pokémon toys! With the Pokémon Go App, the original generation are reliving their youth! And it’s opened it up to a whole new generation too. Pokémon continues to be a global phenomenon and one of the most successful video game franchises of all time.

The original premise was to create something that would capture the childhood wonder of discovering new creatures, collecting them and sharing the experience with friends. Over twenty years on, that vision remains at the heart of Pokémon’s appeal to the local market – discovering, collecting, battling, trading and sharing.

The Sun and Moon Crimson Invasion trading cards are 60-card pre-constructed decks designed to introduce players to the Pokémon Trading Card Game and allow them to play right away.

Every day is an adventure with your own loyal Pokémon plush! It’s tough enough for a play battle and soft enough for bedtime!

The Battle Action Figures have three points of articulation that make it easy to create poses that capture the emotion of battle.

These Pokémon toys can be found at all good retailers including Amazon


10+ Fantastic Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids (aged 5-8)

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