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My niece is going to be five in a few weeks time, so I have put together a birthday gift guide for 5 year old girls. Many of the gift ideas I’ve included would also make fab gifts for boys too.

Whilst it’s been a long time since I’ve had a five year old to buy birthday gifts for, I do know what sort of things my niece likes. She’s a creative little soul, and loves to get crafty and make things. She also loves playing with little characters and toys and makes up her own stories with them – it’s quite fascinating to watch her play!

So if you have to buy a gift for a 5 year old, take a look through my birthday gift guide for some ideas and inspiration.

Birthday Gift Guide for 5 Year Old Girls! Although many of these gift ideas are suitable for boys too! If you're looking for inspiration on what to buy for the birthday girl, check this gift guide out!

Birthday Gift Guide

I’ve reached out to brands for this Birthday Gift Guide, so products marked with an asterisk (*) have been sent to me to gift to niece. Other items I’ve included are things I think would make a great gift for a 5 year old. This post also contains Amazon Affiliate and other affiliate links. If you clicked the link then made a purchase, a small percentage of the sale price would be paid to this me. It doesn’t cost you anything more but it helps keep the lights on over here! Prices are correct at time of writing.

Mould and Paint Glitter Fairies*

This fantastic kit has everything you need to make glittery fairy fridge magnets including plaster of paris, paints, paint brush, glitter plaster mould with 6 assorted designs, magnets, and of course instructions. The mould is reusable so there is scope to continue creating. You can buy plaster of paris in craft shops.

My niece already loves making things with moulds and plaster of paris – I’ve got a couple of her creations on my fridge already! It’s exactly the sort of thing I used to love doing as a child (in fact, i think my mum still has one I made for her one Mother’s Day!)

Buy the Mould and Paint Glitter Fairies kit for £9.99 from Find Me A Gift

Mould and Paint Glitter Fairies

Gassy The Cow*

Table top games are always a winner with children – at least, in my family they are! We have got so many different kinds of games that the whole family can play and have fun together. The Gassy The Cow game from Drumond Park had us all giggling away!

The simple idea behind the game is… WILL SHE MOOO OR WILL SHE POOO?!

Inside the box you’ll find Gassy the Cow (who requires 2 x AAA batteries, not included), four pairs of different coloured welly boots, spinner, and splats of wee, and poo (plastic of course!!) and the instructions. The aim of this jolly, easy-to- play game is to avoid Gassy’s poo and dodge the golden brown mega poo – thus keeping your welly boots the cleanest!

Gassy the Cow Game

The game does require a little bit of set up – by placing the splats inside the cow, but once that’s done, Gassy is locked and loaded and ready to play!

Playing the game is simple – you spin the spinner, the person whose boot colour it points to “walks” to Gassy’s bottom and waits for the tail to be lifted. If Gassy moos you’ve been lucky, as it’s just wind! Phew – you’re safe, this time around!

However there is a good chance that Gassy a splat will come out! If it’s brown then it gets clipped to the bottom of your wellies – but your safe for now. It could be a yellow splat which washes away any brown plats from your boots. However, things could get really gross with a big splat of mega poo (golden brown) – you get that, you’re out of the game! The winner is the last player standing with the cleanest boots.

Buy Gassy The Cow from all good toy shops including ToysRUs, Smyths, and The Entertainer. RRP £24.99

Gassy the Cow Game



Unicorn Moodlight*

Unicorns are very much the in-thing right now, and this adorable Unicorn Night Light has to be the cutest night light everrrr! To unicorn lovers this adorable shaped light is powered by pure magic (or 3 x AAA batteries (not included) for non-mythical-creature-believers).

It will emit a warming soft glow as it phases through 7 different colours, helping to create a lovely soothing ambience to any room it is placed. In fact it doesn’t even have to be switched on to bring a smile to your face as it looks totally lovable and just as welcoming sat on a shelf or desk in a living room or office as it does nestled by a bed – ah yes folks, that’s the wonder of unicorns!

Measures approx. 9 x 10 x 13 cm, and there is also a giant version which measures a whopping 29 cm tall x 20 x 18 cm – I think I need it in my life!

Unicorn Moodlight is £8.99 from Find Me A Gift

Itty Bittys*

Itty Bittys (Hallmark’s mini plush toys) are released under various collections, such as Star Wars, Marvel, Peanuts and Snoopy, Wizard Of Oz, DC Comics, and Scooby-Doo. They have also just released their Superhero Girls collection, perfect for little girls and boys alike!

Both Sephy and myself already own Star Wars Itty Bittys – for my niece they are fun to play with; for me they are collectable!

Iconic and loveable characters from the cinematic treasure The Wizard of Oz , Dorothy™, Scarecrow™, Tin Man™, Cowardly Lion™, Wicked Witch of the West™ & Glinda the Good Witch™ have followed the Yellow Brick Road™ and joined the itty bitty family. These characters will be fab for role play and recreating the story.

Itty Bittys are available to buy on Amazon and in lots of independent stockists across the country!

Wizard of Oz Itty Bittys

Here come the Girls! From the TV show Super Hero Girls Harley Quinn™, Batgirl™, Wonder Woman™ & Supergirl™. The 4 characters follow the stand out look of the TV show. A chance for the girls to be a start of their own adventure story! Again, great for role playing.

Superhero Girls Itty Bittys

The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza*

Most kids love pizza, and most kids love chocolate… so when you give them a chocolate pizza to make, I’m pretty sure they’ll be in food heaven! My niece loves chocolate!!

This cool kit comes with everything you need to make your own chocolate pizza; a pizza pan, set of instructions, easy to melt milk chocolate buttons, creamy white chocolate curls, colourful rainbow drops and lovely chewy jelly beans. The only hard part is stopping yourself eating all the ingredients before you finish making it! The finished pizza is around 7″ so big enough to share with friends or family!

Buy the design your own pizza kit for £11.99 from Find Me A Gift

The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza

Kingdom Of You*

You may remember The Little Boy Or Girl Who Lost Their Name book that I included in my Baby Shower Gift Guide, which I customised for my niece, rather than my nephew, as at the time I didn’t know his name as he wasn’t yet born! She absolutely adored the book, especially as it’s all about her!

Well, the company that makes these gorgeous picture books has re-branded from Lost My Name, to Wonderbly, and with it, a brand new book has been released – Kingdom of You. As before, the book is customisable and full of wonderful illustrations to bring the story to life.

Buy Kingdom Of You for £16.99 from Wonderbly

  • Name the kingdom after them – Your child will be flabbergasted when they open the book and see their name…well, everywhere. Magic!
  • Choose your cast of characters – Pick characters your little one will love. Like superheroes, princesses or dinosaurs. Kazam! The whole story changes, like magic.
  • Pick a mouth-watering treat – Choose from four feast-worthy favourites. But beware. There might be more to a monster slice of pizza than meets the eye…
  • Perfectly personalised – Choose an exquisitely-illustrated character that resembles your little one. They’ll feel like they’re truly the star of the story.
  • Write a marvellous message – Start your child on their fantastic journey with a customised dedication. We’ll print it at the beginning of the story. For free.
  • Fit for a queen (or king) – Each book is A4 (29.7cm x 21cm), softback and 36 pages long. It’s printed on thick, luxurious Mohawk paper that’s partly recycled (FSC-certified) and built to last. So it’s a keepsake that’s good for our global kingdom, too.

Kingdom Of You (Page example

Kingdom Of You (Page example

Stretchkins Ballet Buddies*

Award-winning Stretchkins are ‘my-size’ plush friends with super stretchy limbs. Children can attach their own hands and feet to their Stretchkins using the loops, as they dance, hug and play. New Ballet Bunny is the latest addition to the collection, with her gorgeous tutu and ballet shoes she is the perfect dance partner for young ballerinas everywhere.

My niece has been going to Baby Ballet for a couple of years now, so I knew this was going to be perfect for her. If you’ve been reading my daily photography posts, you’ll know that my dad has been seriously ill. Last week I had to look after Sephy while her mum and dad went to the hospital (and then we would swap over) and to keep her spirits up I gave her the Ballet Buddies as an early birthday present. After we had some fun stretching the bunny’s arms and legs, we attached her to Sephy’s hands and feet and she was dancing around the room in no time!

There are several different animals and colours to choose from in the Stretchkins range.

SRP £22.99 and available from Amazon, Smyths Toys, and

Stretchkins Ballet Buddies

My Fairy Garden*

When I was a little girl I was in the Brownies, and the Sixes (groups) were all named after different magical creatures. For some reason this kit really reminds me of being a Brownie back in the 80s!

The My Fairy Garden contains everything you need to create a wonderfully magical indoor fairy garden! To start with, take the fairy bowl, add some soil and plant the grass seed and simply let it grow. You can construct the cute fairy cottage which comes complete with a sparkly roof, lay the colourful gravel path, place the fairy flowers and position the toadstool and put up the washing line – well, even fairies have to do laundry! The set even comes with an oyster shell to make a water feature. You don’t have to worry about attracting fairies to the garden either as you also get a fairy figurine.

Some patience is required as you wait for the grass to grow, but it’ll be a great introduction to the wonders of nature as it allows them to grow their own little garden!

My Fairy Garden is £14.99 from Find Me A Gift

My Fairy Garden

Num Noms*

My niece is already a fan of Num Noms, and we’ve reviewed them a few times on my blog. Naturally these little toys have to make a birthday gift guide!

Num Noms Series 4 has landed with a menu of cute new characters and delicious scents – including the launch of a new variety of Noms; available in scented Nail Varnish and flavoured Glitter Lip Gloss! Cookies, Fancy Cakes, Creamery, Baked Goods, Creme-Filled and Pasta are among the yummy variety of children’s collectables for this season’s tasty foodie theme.

The Lunch Box Deluxe set (RRP £16.99) nine Nums, and 2 Noms, as well as a mystery Num Nom! The lunch box can be re-used to carry the Num Noms too!

Num Noms Series 4 are available from all good toy retailers including ToysRUs, Smyths and The Entertainer.

Num Noms Series 4


Be the queen of creation by making your favourite Disney Princesses including Ariel, Belle, Rapunzel and Aurora with the Disney Princess Playset. The set contains over 1,000 jewel and solid beads in 15 colours and also includes a pastel pink bead palette and a bead peeler. Just make and spray your designs – after only five minutes you can peel the creation away, pop it to the side and carry on creating! Suitable for children aged 4+. With colourful Aquabeads, beautiful creations are simply a spray of water away!

Sephy has played with Aquabeads before, but they’re new to me – and I am intrigued! Once you have placed the beads in the pattern, you just spray with water and leave to set, then you can peel them away and all the beads stay stuck together like magic! No heat or ironing required!

Inside this kit is a storage box for all the beads which come in individual bags for each colour. The lid doubles as the place where you put the pattern and base for making the Disney Princesses. You also get a small spray bottle, and a tool that helps you life the set pattern away from the grid.

There are lots of different Aquabeads sets available, as well as the option to buy bead refills – buy from Amazon, ToysRUs, Smyths, and The Entertainer.  You can download templates from the Aquabeads website too.

Aquabeads Disney Princess can be bought at Argos, for £13.99.

Aquabeads Disney Princess Set



Sylvanian Families*

The Village Cake Shop

Since 1985, Sylvanian Families has been loved by many people around the world. It is a nostalgic toy range that attracts people from different age groups. Based on three concepts, Nature, Family and Love, children can explore the power of imagination and learn to care and share with one another. Sylvanian Families are there to help children acquire key social skills. Everyone can be a part of the family, and learn about relationships including kindness and love of others.

Sylvanian Families is one of those toys that I always wanted when I was a little girl, and never, ever got! But oh my, how much 5 year old Michelle would have loved this Village Cake Shop! In fact, it was that inner 5 year old that replied “yes please!!!!” when this was offered to me for this birthday gift guide!

If you are just starting out with Sylvanian Families, please note that this set comes with one figure – a Toy Poodle. You can buy family sets separately so that you can play cake shop from the get-go!

Sylvanian Families The Village Cake Shop

The Village Cake Shop has a delicious display window, a pretty-in-pink triangular roof and a Toy Poodle shopkeeper. And cake. Lots of cake!

Help Veronica Cakebread whip up a real treat with this sweet set, which includes all of the equipment you need to get baking, including a piping bag, tongs and a whisk for mixing.

From 11 varieties of cake to a choice of pretty gift boxes, this set comes with 90 pieces guaranteed to make your Sylvanians’ tummies rumble. You’ll have the chance to decorate your own cakes, using the strawberries and decorations from the set. The icing on the cake? There’s even a story book included for you to read at bedtime.

I love the flocked figures that Sylvanian Families are famous for. Their cute little expressions are so sweet, and the flocked finish are soft to the touch, making them even more adorable!

As I got this set up for photographs it dawned on me that it’s something you might want to do before giving to your child. There are stickers to be stuck, tiny cake boxes to assemble (which I found a bit fiddly and ended up using tweezers!), and cake decorations to twist off plastic holders. It actually took me quite a while to get everything set up, and I know my niece would have started to get very impatient!! Just a heads up really. I personally loved setting it all up, as I was sitting out in the glorious sunshine and pretending that I was a young child again.

Inside the box you will find the Cake shop, Toy Poodle shopkeeper , roof, display case, display table, kitchen, cash register, cake stands x 3 (small, medium, large), cake stand (3 levels), 3-layer cake (large, medium, small), Charlotte cake, strawberry mousse, peach tart, custard tart, cake box x 2, gift box x 3 (A, B, C), swan cream puff x 3, macaron cake x 3, blueberry tart x 3, chocolate cake x 3, cream cake x 3, leaf pastry x 6, ribbon, cream piping bag, bowl, tray, strawberry x 6, decoration x 4, logo plate x 6, tongs, whisk, palette knife, lace paper (large x 3, medium x 3, small x 17) (total 90 parts). Story book.

Sylvanian Families The Village Cake Shop

What can I say? I am in LOVE with this sweet little set, and I know Sephy is going to just adore it! She loves pretend play and little figurines so this is perfect for her. The range also fits with the variety of houses, shops, furniture and accessories from the Sylvanian Families series of toys, all of which are very detailed. I am already drooling over some of the other playsets that are available – I can see a whole village being set up in our house!!

Buy the Sylvanian Families Villa Cake Shop (RRP £39.99) from Tesco Direct, Argos, and John Lewis.

Shark Bite*

Save your catch from the sharks jaws before he snaps them closed! Quick to set up and fun to play, Drumond Park‘s Shark Bite is fun for all the family! For ages 4+ and 2-4 players, It encourages turn-taking in little ones, and helps with their fine motor skills.

Shark Bite Game

Inside the box a mechanical shark, fishing rod, 12 fish food, a die (which you have to apply stickers to), and instructions. Set up is really simple – you open up the jaws of the shark and push down until it clicks, then place the fish food into the holes in his gaping jaws.

When it’s your turn, a roll of the dice determines how many fish you have to catch, and using your fishing rod, it’s time to rescue the fish from the shark!

If you drop your fish, keep dipping your rod in, until you hook the fish the whole way out of the shark’s mouth. But watch out… because at any time, the shark can snap his jaws shut – and then you lose all of your catch!

The tension builds with every dip and swing of the fishing rod, as players take their turns to hook ‘em out.

Then come the inevitable squeals of horror and delight when the shark’s mouth snaps shut! That means the player has lost all his or her fish, and is out of this round! Play continues round the table until there are no fish left inside the shark’s mouth – and of course, the player with the most fish at the end of the game is THE WINNER!

Shark Bite Game

This is another fun game from Drumond Park! Sephy has been playing it and was a bit apprehensive at first. The shark does snap up randomly during the game, but after a while she was fine to play along with us. I will say that we found we had to hold onto the shark base to get a good grip at pulling the fish out of its jaws, young children may need a bit of assistance with it.

You can buy Shark Bite (RRP £24.99) from all good toy shops including ToysRUs, Smyths, and The Entertainer.

Shark Bite Game

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