Free Printable Chinese New Year Wrapping Paper

As well as updating previous Chinese New Year printables, I wanted to create some new ones for the Year of the Rooster. I do have a couple more updates to share in the coming week, but today I’ve got some gorgeous printable wrapping paper that you can use in a few different ways – not just as wrapping paper!

A set of 6 free Chinese New Year wrapping paper. Various sizes! Simply download, print and use!

Chinese New Year Wrapping Paper

Gold RoosterThe wrapping paper has 6 red and gold designs – Yin & Yang, Rooster, Water Lily, Fu symbol, Four Blessings Symbol, and a hand fan. I’ve also made them in four different sizes because I like to give options! The standard/regular A4 (UK) and 8.5 x 11″ (US) sizes, plus A3 and 12 x 12″.

I am guessing for most people, the latter two won’t be able to be printed at home – unless you’re lucky enough to have a printer that has these wide print size options. Because of that, you will have to take the file to a print shop to get them printed.

I had a couple of emails from readers recently asking permission to do so, because I say “for personal use only” on my printable files. I’ve now added that you are welcome to get them printed where you like. All I ask is that you please don’t sell my printables, or share them as your own.

I have made them borderless in the printable document, but your printer may automatically add a border. Experiment with the settings on your printer first. Maybe print in low quality greyscale first, to save on coloured ink.

When printed the regular sized wrapping paper is only enough for small gifts (here is some Christmas wrapping paper I made a few years ago), but you can of course combine sheets.

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Wrapping Paper  Downloads

Free Chinese New Year wrapping paper printables - simply download and print!

I’ve taken a look on Amazon and found a wide/A3/13″ Epson printer which doesn’t break the bank too much, but is still an investment piece of equipment. I have used Epson printers for most of my life so am happy to see that they make a printer that covers larger sized paper. I’m going to look into getting on, as I’d like to be able to print off my larger designs so that I can show you how they look in real life. If you do decide to buy a new printer, make sure you read through the complete specs to see the paper sizes, ink prices etc.,

This post contains Amazon Affiliate links. If you clicked the link then made a purchase, a small percentage of the sale price would be paid to this me. It doesn’t cost you anything bu it helps keep the lights on over here!

Crafting supplies you might need…
» White Paper
» Scissors
» Glue
» Scotch Tape
» Wide (13″) Epson Printer
» Printer Ink
» White Paper
» Scissors
» Glue
» Sellotape
» A3+ Epson Printer
» Printer Ink


Other ways to use wrapping paper

I did mention that you can use this Chinese New Year wrapping paper in other ways – not just to wrap gifts.

  1. Make paper lanterns or paper hand fans – both of which have their own printables – but these papers will give you different designs (obviously!)
  2. Cut the paper into strips and make paper chains.
  3. Use the square printable to make cones for popcorn or potato chips. Here is a tutorial on how to make cones (I made them for Halloween)
  4. Laminate the regular size sheets and use as place mats for the dinner table for Chinese New Year.
  5. Turn into a gift bow – tutorial here.
  6. Use to line drawers or trays to make them look pretty.

Chinese New Year Wrapping Paper - Free printables in various sizes.

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