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I love blogging I really do, but sometimes my mind and ideas are so full on that I run out of time to write about them! It’s so long ago that hubs and I went to one of our favourite restaurants in town (May) and I saw the draft post in my dashboard waiting to be written and shared. I really want to play catch up with old posts, current posts and future posts, so you may (or may not, depends on how much I can actually get done!) see an influx of posts from me!

Anyways, back to my restaurant review for Braza Churrascaria Rodizio, or as we call it, Braza Brazilian in Romford. We’ve dined here several times now, and I’ve written about it before on my blog, but the food is worthy of another write up, so here goes!

In the 1800′s Europeans immigrants settled in the south of Brazil. They were strong and skilful people who treasured and nurtured the land and quickly become adept at raising and herding cattle.

They became known as Gauchos. A unique type of cooking, called churrasco (Shoo-rhas’co) was inspired by those ranchers. They would gather together and start a wood burning fire, once the fire turned into golden ember, large portions of prime meat were skewered and slowly cooked to perfection. Using conventional knives, which they wore on their belts, they sliced thin and succulent pieces of meat in succession on each person’s plates. Braza Website

I think we used the excuse of “World Cup 2014” research for the reason to dine here – but really, we just love the food! There is a great selection of barbecued meats (not a place for veggies I’m afraid!) and the salad and hot sides buffet bar is fab too. I really like the rice and feijoada, which is a black bean and meat stew – it’s very tasty.

I wish I could remember exactly the meats that were carved on this visit – I do remember them not having any sausages though – arrrgh – they’re the best! We’ll have to just go back soon!

We made use of the red and green mats that indicate to the carvers that you would like to be served or not, and I treated myself to a cocktail – Blue Hawaiian, which I had to turn blue with filters on my phone hahah – it was lush though :D


Whilst the food was really good (as it always has been) the service on this occasion was really quite poor. The restaurant wasn’t busy, yet we felt like we had to wait ages for the waitress to come and take our drinks order, then wait for ages for the drinks to arrive – which was then missing my water that I’d also asked for.

After clearing our plates when we had finished, she then took forever to bother coming back to ask if we’d like desserts, which we did, but we waited so long we just couldn’t be bothered. We asked for the bill (another age) and paid. With hindsight I should have mentioned the poor service to the manager, but I couldn’t see anyone on the restaurant floor to ask.

A bit of a shame as far as the experience goes, but as I said, the food was good, and it wouldn’t put us off going back there again.

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