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Welcome to Day 78 of 100 Days of Disney here on The Purple Pumpkin Blog! Be sure to check out all of the other posts in this series, and if you would like to share your own Disney blog posts or pictures, make sure you check out the #100DaysOfDisney Link Party!

Ever since we went on our very first trip to Walt Disney World in 2011, I have written a trip report – I wrote them to keep  diary of our “once in a lifetime” holiday and to share on the Dibb – the Disney forum I belong to. I then shared them on my blog, and, as it turned out, that once in a lifetime trip, has now become not just a twice, but also a thrice!


I thought I would create some free printables to share with you today, so that if you’d like to write your own trip reports, you can use them as prompts. I personally take a notepad with me on holiday and each night, in bed, I write about the days events – where we went, what we ate, how much things cost and other info like how we felt, what the weather was like, things we didn’t like…this gives me loads of information to then come home and type up a full trip report to share with others! I still share my reports on the Dibb, and I will continue to share them on my blog.

I love writing my trip reports, they’re great to look back on and read through, they’re great to share, and they can be really helpful for others to read as it gives a guide as to what a real holiday to Walt Disney World can be like, rather than just a guide book with the facts!

Click here to download my Walt Disney World Trip Report Printables



There are four parts to this trip report printable…

  1. Dining & Snacking – you can keep a note of where you ate for breakfast, lunch, dinner including the cost, tip, if you used the Disney Dining Plan, and any other notes you want to make. There is also a section for snacks you bought.
  2. Rides & Attractions – keep track of the rides you went on, the parades you saw and the characters you met. There is a small section for notes.
  3. Longer Note Keeping – this is so you can write more at length about your day
  4. Note Keeping Continued – and if you run out of room – even more lines to write on!

They fit on an A4 sheet of paper, but you could scale them down to A5 if you so wished!

I’m hoping that filling them out is pretty self explanatory, but just incase they aren’t, here is an example of one that I filled out…but hey, it’s your trip report, fill it out just how you like!


Click here to download my Walt Disney World Trip Report Printables


I hope you have a go at writing your own trip reports and find these printables useful!
Day 78 of #100DaysOfDisney is done – 22 to go!
Come back tomorrow for another Disney related blog post!

Printables created by The Purple Pumpkin Blog are for personal use only and not for resale. If you wish to link to, pin or share my printables, you are welcome to do so as long as a link back to the blog post is shown and the watermarks are kept intact. Colours may vary slightly on printing due to different screen and printer settings. If you use any of my printables it would be awesome to know about it! Just leave me a comment, here on my blog, on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Pinterest! I hope you find them useful :)

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