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Day 20 – Cook, Craft, Create: December 2012

For day 20 of Cook, Craft, Create: December: 2012 I have created, what I think is the coolest decoration ever…bowls of light!

Bowls of Light - using aqua gel beads + submersible LED lights. This is such a simple to do decoration, but the effects are awesome! Great for weddings, parties or just for the holidays. There are lots of different coloured beads and lights available, you could match them to your theme!

I had bought some water gel beads from a craft fair, with the intention of doing something with them for Christmas. They are little beads, that you soak in water and they swell up…they are often used in floral displays.

After leaving the pearls in water for a few hours, they swelled up to a nice size and I drained off all the excess water. I then divided all the pearls up into two fish bowls that I bought and then dug out the bright pink submersible waterproof LED lights I’d bought.

I put the lights into the bowls of aqua gel beads…and there we have it…bowls of light! And they look so awesome! I LOVE them!  I’m not sure how long the beads last – but they’ve been in the bowls now for close to a week and still going strong!

Here’s what I used to make this decoration:

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