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…things we don’t really want to/need to do again!

When we booked our 2nd trip back to the Magic…Walt Disney World & Orlando, Florida, we sat down and wrote a list of the things we wanted to do again (or that we didn’t get a chance to do 1st time around), and we also wrote a list of things that we definitely didn’t want to do on our return visit!

Whilst we wouldn’t mind seeing Fantasmic again, one thing we won’t be doing is going to Hollywood & Vine so that we can get seating! It was a dire meal, not to mention expensive!

We looked to the other restaurants – Mama Melrose and Brown Derby which both offer Fantasmic seating with the meal, but neither have taken our fancy, so we’ll just chance a queue instead!

One ride that we felt was a huge let down after the longest queue ever was the Men in Black ride at Universal Studios. So that’s on the list!

Other lame rides/attractions that we won’t waste our time with include…

Twister (at Universal), snooze…

Disaster (at Universal) oh, the queue, and the ride was meh.

At Busch Gardens, if we do decide to go (we’re undecided at the moment) we won’t bother with Tanganyika Tidal Wave – how boring can one ride be?!

That seems to be it at the moment for rides…there may be others that people find rubbish, but it may be that we enjoyed them, or we didn’t go on them last time!

We had a controversial (well, at least on the Disney Forum I frequent!) trip to Discovery Cove where my report from that day wasn’t overly favourable…that said, we are going back, since the price for the day we are going in September is £114 each – including tickets for Busch Gardens/SeaWorld & Aquatica…we are not doing a dolphin swim, but giving Discovery Cove another chance to ‘prove’ itself to us!

Meeting Capricorn the Dolphin


For now, that’s pretty much it…our list seemed to be quite small of things we don’t want to do…maybe as I think some more, I’ll add to it!

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