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This Aladdin Christmas Ornament Craft is made with construction paper and is so easy to assemble using a free printable template! Turn a classic Mickey-Head shape into this diamond in the rough and hang the ornament on your Christmas tree!

This Disney Prince craft is fun for all ages. Read on to find out how to make an awesome Aladdin Christmas decoration!

This post is part of the Create Christmas series on The Purple Pumpkin Blog – a celebration of everything Christmas and Winter. Now in its 8th year, the 2019 series is bigger and better, running from November through December 31st!

Disney Christmas Craft Aladdin Ornament

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Aladdin Christmas Ornament Craft

Aladdin, the loveable street rat turned Prince, thanks to the Genie in the Magic Lamp!

Every Prince needs a Princess so be sure to make the Jasmine Christmas ornament too and let Prince Ali show her the world on his Magic Carpet!

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Aladdin Christmas Ornament Craft Supplies

Materials & Tools Used in This Craft

Full instructions are found in the printable tutorial card at the end of this post, but here is a quick outline so you know what to expect from the craft. I highly recommend always reading everything all the way through before starting any project so you understand all the steps required.

A few simple craft supplies are needed for this paper ornament:

Aladdin Disney Christmas Crafts Ornaments
How to make paper Aladdin ornaments

How To Make Aladdin Ornaments

I’ve got several step-by-step photos to guide you through making Disney ornaments, and there is also a slideshow video over on my YouTube channel that you can watch and save to your Playlists for future reference. (Don’t forget to subscribe while you are there!)

Assembling Aladdin is really easy – here is how you do it!

Simply print the template onto the corresponding colored paper or card and cut the pieces out.

Alternatively, you could print onto regular paper and trace around the pieces onto the colored card, especially if you are worried that it won’t go through your printer.

Aladdin Template Pieces Cut Out
Aladdin Template Pieces Cut Out

Space out the ears pieces evenly and use a glue stick to attach behind the top of Mickey-Aladdin’s head.

Add the outfit pieces in the following order: white pants, brown belt, purple vest, red fez.

Glitter is optional, but I think the ornaments look so much nicer when glittered up! Plus it’s a Christmas decoration, and Christmas needs sparkle!

You can add glitter to any parts of the ornament that you like though, but here are my suggestions:

Add white school glue to the fez and sprinkle with red glitter. Tap off the excess. Repeat the process on the belt using bronze glitter. Leave to dry.

Aladdin Ornament Pieces Stuck Together
Aladdin Ornament Pieces Stuck Together
Glitter Added To Ornament
Glitter Added To Ornament

Just one more step which is sticking a loop of black string or ribbon to the back of the ornaments. Leave everything to dry completely before hanging on your tree!

If you want the decorations to last longer, you could run them through a laminator before attaching the hanging loop. When cutting out after laminating the ornaments, make sure you leave a slight edge so that the laminating sheets do not come apart!

Disney Christmas Craft! Paper Aladdin Ornament

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Princess Jasmine & Aladdin Ornaments

Download Aladdin Template

  • Free Printable Disney Ornament Template – Aladdin – A4 Size
  • Free Printable Disney Ornament Template – Aladdin – US Letter Size

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Aladdin Christmas Ornament

Aladdin Christmas Ornament Craft

Yield: 1 Ornament
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 45 minutes
Difficulty: Beginner

This Mickey-Head/Aladdin Ornament is so easy and fun to make for Christmas!


  • Construction Paper or Cardstock in the following colors: Cream or White, Brown, Skin Tone, Purple, Red, Black
  • Red, and Bronze Fine Glitter (optional)
  • Black String or Ribbon


  • White School Glue (PVA Glue)
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Laminator & Laminating Sheets (optional)


  1. Download and print out the Aladdin ornament template onto corresponding colored papers or cardstock (Link in the blog post). Cut out and set aside.
  2. Space the ears evenly apart and stick behind the top of the head with a glue stick.
  3. Stick the outfit pieces in the following order: white pants, followed by the brown belt, purple vest, and finally, the red fez at an angle over an ear.
  4. If you are adding glitter, apply white school glue to the parts you want to add sparkle to and sprinkle the glitter over. Add red glitter to the fez and bronze glitter to the belt. Shake off the excess and leave to dry.
  5. Finally, form a hanging loop with a piece of string or ribbon and stick to the back of the ornament.
  6. If you want, you can laminate the ornaments so that it lasts longer. Before attaching the loop, run it through a laminator and cut away the excess. Make sure you leave a slight edge as you cut it out so that the laminating sheets don't fall away! Attach the loop to back.
  7. Hang your Aladdin Christmas ornament on your tree!

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Aladdin Christmas Ornament Craft

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