A Vegetarian Barbecue

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With the gorgeous weather we’ve been having, it’s been so nice to be able to sit in the garden and eat dinner! We recently invited my family over for the afternoon for a barbecue, and since my bro-in-law has turned veggie, thought it would be a challenge to have a vegetarian barbecue and think of different things I could make…instead of my usual go-to meat recipes!

Some were a success, one recipe, not so much…but I still made it work!! I’ll be sharing the recipes from this barbecue during the week, and here’s what is to come:

I did also cook a few regular burgers for my ever fussy son, and he decided to experiment and make a peanut butter burger after seeing it on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives on the Food Network Channel! Strangely, it wasn’t too bad!!

It has been lovely to be able to sit out in the garden more often, and with our new, bigger garden, so much more space for us all! Sephy is now well way with the finger foods, tucking into bread, orzo, hoummus and fruit at this barbecue, as well as lots of walking around (with helping hands from most of us in turn!) the garden. I just love spending time with my family ♥

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