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18 Quick + Easy Halloween Crafts

Today I’ve rounded up 18 quick and easy Halloween crafts – 12 from my blog that I’ve shared over the years, and 6 from some of my fellow crafty bloggers! As the title of this post suggests, they are simple to make, and take no time at all!

    1. Glitter Skulls
    2. Build A Skeleton
    3. Woolly Ghosts
    4. Tissue Paper Ghosts
    5. Glitter Glue Spider Webs
    6. Trash Bag Wreath

Halloween Crafts

  1. Milk Bottle Ghosts
  2. Mummy Candle Jars
  3. Microfibre Monsters
  4. Toilet Roll Pumpkins
  5. Wool Woven Monster Pots
  6. Paper Strip Pumpkins

Halloween Crafts

  1. Clay Tealight Ghosts – Mum In The Madhouse
  2. Painted Stone Eyeballs – Daisies & Pie
  3. Hama Bead Eyeballs – Lets Do Something Crafty
  4. Metallic Sharpie Pumpkins – Hodge Podge Crafts
  5. Ping Pong Spiders – Life As We Know It (blog has closed)
  6. Egg Carton Spiders – The Creative Pair (blog has closed)

Halloween Crafts

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