Characters On Parade [Disney Wordless Wednesday]

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Chip 'n' Dale


Main Street Electrical Parade

Focused on the Magic
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For England + St. George [Project 365:2014 - Day 113]

Project 365 Tip! Colour Pop! A free PS Action for you today - one that I use on occasion to really ramp up the colour of a photograph. Before you flatten the layers you can play about with the opacity to get the look you desire for your photo. Give it a try by downloading my free PS Action - Colour Pop   Click here for more ideas and tips for Project 365.

Today is St. George's Day, the patron saint of England, I didn't have my St. George's flag to hand today, and whilst I was out in the garden I was looking at the pebbles around the patio and thought "I'll make a cross with those!" and so I did and created my own flag!  I then used my Colour Pop action to bring out the red as they weren't quite red enough for my liking!

For England and St. George

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The #GreatBritishHomeChallenge - Living It Up In Essex!

Disclosure: This post is an entry for #GreatBritishHome Challenge sponsored by Victoria Plumb, a source of quality bathrooms for every type of home. Take its “What’s Your Home Style? quiz ”to discover what your home says about you

Have you taken the Great British Home Quiz on the Victoria Plumb website? Answer a few questions about your home and style tastes and find out if your celebrity home style is more Downton Abbey than Uptown Chic...or, like me Mrs Glamorous!

Everything about you screams glamour; you always look photo-ready, whether you are working out, shopping in designer boutiques or snuggled up at home in your designer onesie. You crave home comforts that make a statement - a faux fur blanket, embellished cushions and lots of crushed velvet. You use neutral shades mixed with metallic. Pride of place are family portraits, kitchen gadgets and the keys to your Range Rover.

Into The VoidSo, I'm basically like someone from TOWIE...*falls on the floor laughing hysterically* I know I'm an Essex girl these days but I really didn't think I had that TOWIE feel to my style. However, my best friend called me a glamour puss when I shared last week's selfie, so maybe I'm more TOWIE than I realise...

...actually, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree, and I'm going to say that I got the glam genes from my mum, because she was and still is Mrs Glamorous! For the record we are both London born and bred! *sunshine*

So, on with this TOWIE style I seem to have going on...our homes are a direct reflection of who we are - I like to look the best that I can, and would say the same for our house, but it is about to undergo renovation so it is far from glam at the moment, but it will be when we're finished!

I dream of a bedroom with an en suite bathroom, his 'n' hers sinks, a huge walk-in shower and floor to ceiling tiles, with a bit of sparkly in them!

I dream of statement walls with luxe wallpaper in bright colours, because neutral is dull as dishwater to me! So that part of the description is not me at all. I'm not a big fan of metallics either to be honest.

Actually, I really miss the wallpaper in our old bedroom - it was black with big, bold hot pink chrysanthemums over it. It was a wallpaper that I fell in love with, and chrysanthes are the feng shui symbol of a life of ease and balance. At the same time, this flower is considered to have strong yang energy, so it is used to attract good luck to you and your home. My friend also told me they're a symbol of fertility, but no babies for us yet...! At the moment our bedroom is a boring creamy brown colour - blah - but a bright wallpaper will go up when we're all decorated again!

I'd really love one of those leather beds with the TV unit at the end...omg...totes Essex! I was also going to say I'm not a big fan of faux fur, but looking at a recent photograph of our bed, I realise that there are faux fur cushions on it. By the way, those wardrobe door mirrors, they're hideous. They were there when we moved in. They are going. Baaad feng shui.

If we move into the living room, which again, is [also] not decorated to my taste at all, just the sofa which we bought a few years ago now, which I L.O.V.E! It's so comfy and the sort of sofa you want to just melt into and chill out on after a hard day at work, which for me is my home office. It's got a leather base (we did used to have a bright red leather sofa before that, so I really am living the Essex dream here aren't I??

I use a lot of pink in decor, not because it's my favourite colour - that's purple, you should know that much about me by now! - but because pink is the universal a colour of love, and I want to surround myself with it! Hence the bright pink flowers of our old wallpaper, and the pink duvet set.

Anyways, finding myself rambling again...back to the TOWIE description of me! Family portraits - there are lots of framed photos in our house already, and I plan to have a photo gallery wall going up the stairs when we are done with renovating. My family are the most important people in the world to me, they are always there, when no one else is.

Since today is my dad's birthday, here's a photo of me and my sibs with him on his 60th a couple of years ago.

The kitchen gadget hubby is more of a gadget fan than me, but the tools of the trade are a must in my kitchen. I grew up in the catering industry, so food and cooking has always played a big part in my life, and I do love to cook. It's my dream to have a huge kitchen and dining area, and we do plan to extend and make that dream come true. That way I'll be able to have all the parties and family gatherings I want, without worrying about where to cram people!!

There will be an island in the middle - because I've always wanted a kitchen island, and there would be a purple Kitchenaid mixer, and all the other standard kitchen gadgets like toaster and kettle would also be purple...wait...they already are!

Just look at our current kitchen in the photo on the right - snooze fest! I really don't like the butler sink, and everything looks so dated! Can't wait till we refurb this room - it's the one that needs the most attention as it's literally falling to bits.

I really would love a utility room and a pantry (they're on my wish list!) The units would be sleek, glossy and modern and there would be a huge dining table with a crystal chandelier hanging over it - I really am Essex aren't I??

Just found this pic (on the left) on the interwebs - this is pretty much a dream kitchen for me. Look at the purple accents! Amazeballs!

I don't have keys to a Range Rover, it's not even on my dream car list...but a black 7 Series BMW is!! One day...when we win the lottery!! But I do have a onesie #noshame.

Now it's your turn, why not go and take the Great British Home Quiz and see what your home style is really like! 
Come back and let me know the results in the Disqus comments below this post!
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Serendipity [Project 365:2014 - Day 112]

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Project 365 Tip! Cracks in the pavement! I'm clutching at straws with today's tip - but have a walk around and see if you can spot anything interesting in the cracks in the pavement! I did... Click here for more ideas and tips for Project 365.

I spied this lone purple pansy in the pavement cracks today - nature always finds a way! On looking at the photo, I also see that there was also a tiny bug sitting on the petal!


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100 Days of Disney...Coming Soon!

Just 2 weeks to go until the start of 100 Days of Disney!

My lovely friend Sam of Dreaming of WDW and I of The Purple Pumpkin Blog just happen to be headed out on holiday to Walt Disney World at the same time...not that we planned it that way...*ahem* and to celebrate, we're collaborating with a huge 100 Days of Disney series on our blogs!

It's all still hush hush for now, but be ready for lots of Disney (in addition to regular programming!), we can't wait!

Me + Sam at Disney Beach Club 2013 ♥

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Evans Grey Star Print Casual Lace Up Shoes [Review]

I've always aimed to write a few more fashion posts in my blog - I do love clothes and shoes, and haven't treated myself to anything new for a quite a while. Mainly because I put a lot of weight back on and was miserable about it. I'm still trying to lose weight, but it'll be a while before I can be considered not plus size, and in the mean time I'm going to do my very best to embrace everything that me as a plus size chick is. I think by blogging about it, it will help me to learn to accept myself.

There are several plus size clothing retailers that I buy from, both on the high street and online. The shop I've bought from for the longest amount of time is Evans, and I had a bit of a shopping spree there last week when they had a 24% off sale with free next day delivery - a girl can't say no to something like that!

I bought three pairs of shoes, and the first pair I'm reviewing is these grey star print casual lace up shoes, they cost £25 and come in sizes 4 - 10 with a wide fitting.

I'm not going to apologise for the funky socks :P I'm wearing them to wear in my new shoes!

I'm somewhere between a size 7 and 8 when it comes to shoes - it all depends on the style of shoe really. These are a size 7 and fit perfectly, which I was very pleased about.

They feel really comfy - although, my feet aren't used to wearing shoes like this - I've lived in my comfy Crocs for years - I will defend my choice of shoes here, as they are the Olivia style Crocs, and not the ugly style that everyone associates with that brand!

Back to my star shoes...I love that they look a bit like Converse - it makes me feel like I'm down with the kids haha, and they go great with leggings or a dress/skirt. I thought it was cute that the laces were ribbon rather than your regular old rope style laces - it would be fun to switch the white ribbon for another colour!

Time will tell how they fare as far as wear and tear goes, but to find a pair of shoes that are comfy from the get-go is rare for me, so these are a keeper - so much so that the other pair of shoes that I did buy, which didn't fit so well, I went a changed for another pair of this style of shoe ^_^

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One Pan Roast Lamb with Vegetables

Monday, 21 April 2014

Disclosure: I was sent a voucher to purchase the ingredients to make this dish. All opinions are my own.

New Zealand Lamb sent me a recipe to try as it was Easter weekend, it was the perfect time to test the recipe on the family. It was a little unusual as one of the flavourings was anchovies - something I don't think I have ever cooked with, and it also included fennel...I can't stand the taste of fennel, so decided to swap that ingredient out and in the end, using the original recipe as a guide, created my own One Pan Roast Lamb with Vegetables! I'm also going to share the original recipe, so two for the price of one with this post!

One Pan Roast Lamb with Vegetables
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Crossroads [Project 365:2014 - Day 111]

Project 365 Tip! Tree tops! The leaves are back on the trees - photograph them! Click here for more ideas and tips for Project 365.

Love going out for walks and seeing the blue skies and the trees on the leaves again!


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Noms! [Project 365:2014 - Day 110]

Sunday, 20 April 2014

Project 365 Tip! Firsts! Capture the first things that they do - first steps, first smiles, first taste of chocolate! Click here for more ideas and tips for Project 365.

It's Easter Sunday, and we spent it at my parent's house. Sephy had her first try of chocolate today - suffice to say she loved it and got melted chocolate everywhere!!


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Easter Sunday Posters - He Is Risen - Christos Anesti [Free Printable]

To celebrate Easter, I've created 3 posters to say 'He Is Risen' - English, Greek and in the Greek alphabet too.

To download them (all three come in one set) just click here or on the image below. They are 8x10" and come in a PDF format.

Easter 2014 Free Printables...

Day 1 - Easter Bunny Coloring Page
Day 2 - Here Come The Easter Bunnies Treat Boxes
Day 3 - Here Come The Easter Bunnies Cupcake Wrappers
Day 4 - Hoppy Easter Gift Bag Tabs
Day 5 - Good Friday Poster Printable
Day 6 - Easter Egg Hunt Printables
Day 7 - He Is Risen Poster Printable

I would love to see your creations, so please do remember to share them with me! You can link to your blog post or photo in the  Disqus comments section below, on The Purple Pumpkin Blog's Facebook Page, Tweeting me, plussing me on Google + or tagging me in your pin on Pinterest!

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Printables created by The Purple Pumpkin Blog are for personal use only and not for resale. If you wish to link to, pin or share my printables, you are welcome to do so as long as a link back to the blog post is shown and the watermarks are kept intact. Colours may vary slightly on printing due to different screen and printer settings.
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