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It is hard to go wrong with chocolate bouquets. They are popular. They can be given on almost every occasion. But you can probably do better than throw a couple of chocolate candies in a gift basket and give it away. Here is the ultimate chocolate gifting guide.

The Ultimate Chocolate Gifting Guide

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Know What Food Restrictions You Need to Work Around

Very few people are allergic to milk chocolate per se, though it can cause issues for diabetics. However, many ingredients mixed into popular chocolate candies can cause problems. Is the recipient allergic to nuts? That precludes chocolate gifts containing walnuts, peanuts and even hazelnuts. Is the person allergic to soy? Ensure that the chocolatier knows that the gift basket cannot contain anything with soy lecithin in it. Gluten intolerance or celiac disease may be triggered by chocolate items, too, especially milk chocolate. This is because some candies contain wheat flour, especially when it needs to maintain a given shape.

Presentation Matters

You can show that you care by making sure the chocolate gift is arranged in a given way and remains that way when delivered. For example, you could have a collection of candy bars attached to sticks and arranged like a floral bouquet. They might be delivered in a vase, a mug or gift basket. If you’re ordering chocolate dipped fruit, a mug or vase goes even further since it contains any potential fruit juice runoff. If you’re ordering chocolate roses to be delivered in place of a bouquet of roses, have it arranged like a floral bouquet so that it has a greater impact.

a bouquet of chocolate truffles and strawberries.

Compare the Gift to the Occasion

Chocolate roses would be a wonderful gift for a romantic occasion. It might be acceptable as a congratulatory gift if you otherwise would have given them roses. It comes off as weird if you’re giving it to someone for their promotion or birthday. Are you trying to send a sympathy gift? A basket with flowers is more appropriate than one full of chocolate. Are you sending a get well basket? Flowers, fruit and food that are safe for the ill person to eat are more appropriate than a hamper full of sugary sweets.  Are you presenting a gift basket to someone who is moving into a new home? Fruit, wine, or snacks are generally more appropriate.

Opt for Quality over Quantity

A gift basket with Ferrero Rocher will have more impact than a dozen generic chocolate bars. Chocolate dipped fruit shows more care than a generic box of chocolates, while shelf-stable Queen Anne cherries show that you put more thought into it than mailing them a box full of store-bought brownies.

Close up of fingers picking a chocolate from a box

Consider What the Person Likes

Any gift should take what the person likes into account. After all, they’ll rarely appreciate a gift hamper full of sweets they hate. Nor will they be grateful for something they literally can’t eat. Consider what the person likes when you’re making the selection. You can mix what they love with similar items they may like; the novelty is often appreciated. If you don’t know anything about their preferences, then a gift assortment is a safe choice.

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