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Yesterday I shared my Work Schedule To Do List Printables and today I’m sharing Shopping List Printables. If there is one thing I will always write a list for it’s when I go food shopping. The first way to overspend when in the supermarket is to not write a list!. Buying only what you need for the week/month is a great way too, to reduce food waste, and a list helps to keep on track with that.

Shopping Lists [Free #Printables] at The Purple Pumpkin Blog

I’ve pre-filled the master shopping list with food categories:

  • fruit & vegetables
  • meat & fish
  • bakery
  • dairy
  • deli counter
  • frozen
  • tins & packets
  • snacks & treats
  • drinks
  • household/pet
  • miscellaneous

That should pretty much cover most shopping trips! I have also provided a blank master list for you to create your own categories.

I’ve made them in three different sizes too, to suit your needs. I’ll be printing mine off in A4 size, which is the standard size of folders here in the UK. But I’ve also done them in A5 (half A4) and also the US standard (or what I seem to understand) of 8.5″x11″. I did debate about re-sizing to A5 as that makes the master list quite small, but some of you might have tiny writing!

In this set you will receive 5 printables – there are two master shopping lists – one pre-filled with categories, the other is blank. The other 3 printables are sets of 3 lists, all blank in different colours. These are ideal for when you need a quick list. The page can be cut up to separate the lists.

Each file is zipped into a rar file which will need to be unzipped to get all the files out. I use WinRAR to unzip my files, which you can download from Rarlab. It’s a free programme and very easy to use.

Here are the downloads…if you use them I would love to hear that you did!

Shopping List Printables – A4
Shopping List Printables – A5
Shopping List Printables – 8.5″x11″

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