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Last week I shared 4 sets of to do list printables with you. I hope that if you have decided to print them for your own use that you are finding them helpful (and fun too – I like fun!)

All my free printables can be found in one handy place on my blog, where else but on the Printables page!

This week it’s the turn of more free printables for you, and I’m starting today off with some more straight laced ones…work schedule to do lists.

I am self-employed and work from home as a website designer. I’ve been doing that for about 7 years now and it always helps to manage my work load by writing a to do list. I get satisfaction when I cross (or tick) something off my list. I normally just scribble down on bits of paper that are flung around my desk, but decided to make some pretty templates to make the more mundane tasks a bit more enticing to do!

My to do lists for work consists of one column for the client (or website) that I’m dealing with and the task that must be done. If you work for yourself, there is every chance you have a client base and I hope you find these printables helpful.

Work Schedule To Do Lists [Free #Printables] at The Purple Pumpkin Blog

I’ve stuck with my bright colour palette, but the design layout has changed from last weeks printables somewhat – but still in a similar vein. I hope you like them.

I’ve made them in three different sizes too, to suit your needs. I’ll be printing mine off in A4 size, which is the standard size of folders here in the UK. But I’ve also done them in A5 (half A4) and also the US standard (or what I seem to understand) of 8.5″x11″.

In this set you will receive 10 printables – one for each day of the week, plus one each for weekly, monthly and yearly tasks.

Each file is zipped into a rar file which will need to be unzipped to get all the files out. I use WinRAR to unzip my files, which you can download from Rarlab. It’s a free programme and very easy to use.

Here are the downloads…if you use them I would love to hear that you did!

Work Schedule To Do List Printables – A4
Work Schedule To Do List Printables – A5
Work Schedule To Do List Printables – 8.5″x11″


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