Rosemary Antipasti Wreath

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We had a friend over for a Christmas get-together at the weekend and decided to put out a few different things from the usual party food that I normally put out when he comes over for Christmas (it’s a bit of a ritual now!)

One of the things I prepared was a Rosemary Antipasti Wreath using fresh rosemary stalks (my favourite herb), olives, cheese stuffed peppadew, garlic olives and mini mozzarella balls.

Rosemary Antipasti Wreath

Really easy to put together – you just need several bunches of fresh rosemary. I used two packets of them that I bought in the supermarket – so wish I still had my wonderful rosemary bush in the garden!

I then arranged it in a ring on a white plate – you could use more rosemary for a fuller look. I then added the various antipasti ingredients and that was it – job done!

I think it looks very festive and I’ve been meaning to make a rosemary food wreath for a while now. Why not give it a try at your next party?
Rosemary Antipasti Wreath

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