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The first of the Christmas get-togethers began on the day before Christmas Eve…Christmas Eve, Eve!

We had a friend over for dinner which I laid out as a buffet. I like to cheat at buffets since there are always lots of good things you can buy ready made from the supermarket. I did make the gingerbread cupcakes though :D

Our local supermarket has an ever growing deli counter where you can help yourself to olives, cheeses, and other antipasto veggie goodies. I picked up some garlic stuffed olives, artichokes, cheese stuffed peppadew peppers and chargrilled vegetables.

For our wedding we received a gorgeous Nigella dish set which I bring out for when serving foods like this…

I bought a mini joint of smoked ham which I sliced up and put on a wooden board, along with some continental cured meats and a pack of pate.

I chopped up some vegetables for crudités – well, I sliced the cucumber into batons. The cherry plum tomatoes are bite size, the mini sweetcorn too. I also bought tiny carrots (I hate chopping carrots into batons!) and a bag of salad leaves. All arranged on my handy dandy crudités platter.

Christmas is about the only time I ever eat cheese and it’s quite traditional in my family to have a cheese board at Christmas. Our guest loves cheese so lots came out for the occasion – it was Christmas after all :) I know that some say less is more and only serve a big chunk of one or two cheeses, but it’s nice to have variety. A bunch of grapes, some celery sticks and a box of crackers finish the cheese board off.

I also bought some ready made salads – coleslaw, potato salad, pasta pesto and a cous cous salad. Yes, I could (and can!) make all of the above, but sometimes it’s a whole lot easier to pick a pack off the shelf. Some dips were bought as well, and some crusty bread. Buffet almost complete…

…except I have a fussy eater for a son who doesn’t like most of the things on the buffet, so I also bought some cocktail sausages, onion rings and breaded mushrooms – all served hot.

Can’t have a Christmas get-together without crackers…

…and their bad jokes!

As if there wasn’t enough food for us all, a pack of nibbles…but as long as stored in a container, they’ll last for a while and not go to waste!

Dessert included my gingerbread cupcakes

and some shop bought mini cheesecake bits – yum! I put them on a cute star shaped cake stand that I had bought a few days earlier.

Finally, my Christmas cake also got cut up…it was delicious!

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