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I’m A Shopaholic…American stuffs I’ll be buying!

Okay, so, if you’ve read my previous trip reports (2013, 2011) then you will know that I am somewhat of a shopaholic when it comes to our trips to Orlando! I’m not the conventional shopper – I don’t buy designer clothes, shoes and bags – I buy craft stuff, food stuff, Halloween stuff and of course Disney stuff!

When we went to Orlando last year, we didn’t think we’d be going back for a couple of years, so I stocked up on some of our favourites…hence the huge food cache! 

So whilst I’ll be stocking up on some American sweets for Halloween, I doubt we’ll be buying as much stuff as this! 

I don’t seem to have any photos of my previous craft haul from Michael’s (a US craft store), but I will be stocking up on things that are cheaper over there than here – like some scrapbooking supplies, Cricut Explore accessories that aren’t available in the UK and anything else that I see that takes my fancy! Hoping to have my new craft room/office done by the end of the year, so need new stuff to use in it! 

And of course, we can’t forget HALLOWEEN STUFFS! 


Because it is that stuff that I spend the most money on!

We are suckers for a bit of Disney merchandise, and I can’t wait to go into the new Marketplace Co-Op in Downtown Disney and buy some of the tiki stuff! I must pick up these glasses this year that I forgot to go back to Poly and buy. And I do want to send a coconut home! 
blankblankThat Disney merch also includes a trip to buy a 2014 Christmas ornament to go with our 2011 and 2013 ones…blank…and I must buy these ornaments which I’ve lusted over both trips so far and still didn’t buy!
blankWe also buy fridge magnets as our souvenir of each park. Last year we started buying them for each country in Epcot World Showcase, but some countries we couldn’t find, so must look out for those this year!

Since we’ve paid for all our food upfront with the Deluxe Disney Dining Plan we have all our money this year for shopping! 

We now pack like pros for a Florida holiday, so there will be lots of room for all our wares on the return journey!

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