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A last minute craft for the Diamond Jubilee…Postage Stamp Food Picks! Taking some vintage, used postage stamps and some boring old cocktail sticks and voila!

Ideal for the cocktail sausages tomorrow, and I may use them on cupcakes as well.

Really easy to make, you just need to source some postage stamps. I bought a batch of them from eBay for a few pounds and received a nice selection, including a stamp from the Silver Jubilee which was a nice find!

As well as your chosen stamps you’ll need some wooden cocktail sticks, and some glue. I used a roll on glue.

Take two stamps of your choice, making sure they are the same size stamps! Put some glue on the back of each stamp. Place a cocktail stick in the centre of the stamp and attach the other stamp on top, pressing together to stick.

Repeat until you have your desired amount of food picks!

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