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Print this free Pin the Carrot on Olaf template and set up this fun game for the whole family!

A Disney twist on a classic kids’ party game, everyone’s favorite snowman has lost his nose and needs it put back! See who can place Olaf’s carrot closest to where it should be!

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Pin the carrot on Olaf template

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Pin the Carrot on Olaf Template

Pin the Tail on the Donkey is a classic childhood game where you are blindfolded and then have to attach the donkey’s tail in the correct place. I remember playing it at parties when I was a kid. Showing my age I’m sure!

I created a Pin the Nose on the Reindeer game and shared a story that related to the designing of that reindeer game.

It has then led me to turn the loveable, huggable Olaf into a giant snowman (compared with my regular Olaf printables!) and everyone who plays the game has to place his carrot nose back in the correct place!

The Pin the Carrot on Olaf template is split up over 12 sheets of paper, and is about 3½ feet tall!

Craft Supplies You Will Need

You will need some of the following supplies – some are optional and personal preference.

  • Paper Trimmer – this will make cutting the excess strips from each page a breeze – and keep them nice and straight too.
  • Scissors – for cutting out Olaf’s carrot noses.
  • Roller Glue – I found this the easiest way to stick all the pieces together.
  • Sticky Tape – you could use tape instead of glue if you like.
  • Foamboard (optional) – stick the finished Olaf to a piece of foamboard to keep the creases at bay when storing. Or use a huge piece of cardboard if you can find one big enough!
  • Sticky Back Plastic (optional) – if you want to make your finished Olaf last longer you can cover it with clear sticky back plastic. Two pairs of hands are better than one in this situation.
  • Blu-Tack – sticky tack/white tack/mounting putting – whatever you call it in your country, to “pin” the carrots to Olaf when playing the game.

How To Use Printable

Downloads are further down the page and surrounded by a purple box.

As with pretty much all my printables I’ve provided two paper sizes – A4 and US Letter (8.5″ x 11″) – use which size is appropriate for your printer.

There is some assembly work needed for this Olaf game printable and I am going to do my best to talk you through it with a diagram to illustrate the steps.

  • There are 12 sheets of paper that make up this printable. Each page has a different section of the Olaf.
  • Because of printer margins, you will have to cut the edges from some of the pages so that they can fit together properly.
  • The top left page is blank, but you still need to add it to complete the full Olaf game poster, as you can see in the diagram above.
  • Before cutting any of the pages lay them out as in the diagram above so that you know which piece goes where.

I found that using a glue roller was the easiest way to stick everything together by trimming one piece of paper and sticking it over the uncut edge of the sheet of paper next to it. I know that sounds really wordy, but it’s the only way I can explain it!

  • Using the diagram above, cut away the excess margin on the sides marked with an ‘X’. Use a paper trimmer to make straight, clean cuts.
  • To make things easier for cutting I’ve added a thin line against the edges that should be trimmed.
  • With the edges cut, it’s now time to stick them together.
  • I’ve numbered some of the sheets in the diagram as S1, S2, S3, etc., you need to stick them together in that order.
  • So stick the top right sheet of the top row to the middle sheet, and then the middle sheet of row 2.
  • Now stick the left and right sides of row 2 in place, and then that blank sheet as you’ll now be able to line it up and stick it at the back.
  • Continue with rows 3 and 4 – sticking the middle first, followed by the left and right sides.
  • Take your time to line up each piece before sticking.
  • Once all the pieces have been put together, you can mount them on a piece of foam board (or a piece of cardboard if you can find a piece big enough).
  • You can reinforce the joins at the back with sticky tape if you wish.
  • So that Olaf lasts longer and can be used time and time again, you can cover it with clear sticky back plastic. You will probably need someone to help with that part. My advice is to go slowly and in small sections so as to not get a ton of air bubbles and creases.
  • Finally cut the carrot noses out and you are ready to play!

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Downloads open in a new tab/window

How To Play

  • Mark the point on Olaf’s face (with an X) where the nose should be to determine the winner.
  • Each person gets a carrot nose and a piece of Blu-Tack (or whatever it is called in your part of the world)
  • Take it in turns to stick the carrot the Olaf – but make sure the person is blindfolded first.
  • The person who gets the nose in the correct place (or the closest) is the winner!
Pin the carrot on Olaf! Free printable game template.

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