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Remember those Yoshi Eggs I made for my son’s Nintendo Birthday Party? Well, I had about a dozen eggs left over, and decided to use them up to make a decoration for Easter.

To make your own painted Easter Eggs you will need:

  • some polystyrene eggs
  • acrylic paints
  • paint brushes
  • paper plate or a paint palette
  • paper towels
  • wooden skewers
  • a sturdy cardboard box

To assemble a display like I have done, you will need:

  • a dish to put your painted eggs in
  • some green tissue paper shreds
  • some fuzzy mini chicks

You will notice, in the photo above that there is a distinct lack of wooden skewers – this is because when we started to paint the eggs (I say we, because I managed to drag my 13 year old away from the computer for long enough to have an arts and crafts half hour with his mum!) I thought to let them dry we’d put them on some stands made out of the inner tube from a loo roll…but then we were getting paint everywhere and my son said, we should have used skewers! *ding*

Anyway…on with what we did!

We squirted some acrylic paint onto a paper plate and started painting a base coat on each egg.

As you can see, to start with we just place the eggs on cardboard rings,which wasn’t the best way since we got paint all over our fingers and was wiping off paint as we tried to turn the eggs >_<

So for the rest, we impaled each egg onto a wooden skewer and stood them up to dry on a cardboard box which had small holes punctured into the base.

Once dry, we painted different patterns with more paint and again left to dry.

To display them I put some shredded green tissue paper into a glass bowl, placed the eggs on top and then added some fuzzy chicks.

A cute Easter display and can be stored easily for years to come :)

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