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Welcome to Day 15 of Crafty October – a month of Halloween ideas at The Purple Pumpkin Blog! Don’t forget to check out last year’s ideas if you need more inspiration.

I was rooting around in my craft boxes (which are still half packed due to the move) and rediscovering the craft stash that I have! I found a mini polystyrene ring and some black and purple organza, and so, I’ve made an Organza Halloween Wreath!

Organza #Halloween Wreath #CraftyOctober

To make your own organza wreath (which really is easier than it looks!) you will need:

  • Polystyrene/foam ring
  • Organza in two contrasting colours

You can use any size ring you like – mine was a mini one at 12cm in diameter. I cut my organza into strips approximately 30cm x 2cm. You could cut a test strip and see how it looks by attaching it to your ring. I quite liked the length of each piece of organza and kept them fairly long.

I hope that my explanation of how to attach the organza to the rings makes sense – I’ve shown you (just about – it’s sometimes hard when it’s just me taking a photo of what I’m trying to do!) in the images below. I hope my commentary helps too!

Fold the organza strip in half, then holding in at the looped end, put it over the ring, and using your fingers, clasp from underneath, the other end and pull it up and through to secure in place. Searching online tells me this is a larks head knot, and here is a diagram that I found to show in detail.

I filled my wreath completely with black organza first, knotting the strips close together to fill gaps, and bunching them up to create a full effect. I then added strips of purple. Finally, I tied on a long strip and knotted at the end to create a loop to hang the wreath up.

Organza #Halloween Wreath #CraftyOctober

I’ve been meaning to make a wreath using organza for a long time and I’m glad I’ve now made one – they’re quite easy to do and I am going to experiment with different lengths of organza – maybe for Christmas!

Last year, I made a Trash Bag Halloween Wreath using coloured trash bags – it turned out better than expected, so if you can’t lay your hands on any organza, there is always that option!

I am hosting a month long Halloween Link Party to celebrate Crafty October and would love for you to share your Halloween ideas – crafts, recipes, costumes, parties…anything goes, as long as it is family friendly! It’s my favourite time of year, (as you may well know!) and I can’t wait to see what you link up!


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