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Nintendo Character Flags - Free Printable

I went nuts downloading Nintendo character images from various sources online, not really sure what I was going to do with them….

Then I thought about making flags, which I would then hang up from the ceiling…so I designed a diamond shape on my computer with a red border, and placed each character on one side, then duplicated and flipped it to go on the other side as well.

Once printed off (all of about 100 of them!!) my husband and I sat and cut them all out one evening and folded them over.

I was originally going to stick them together, leaving a little gap to thread through some string, but instead, we suspended the string across the room, and draped the folded flags over.

I think it look awesome with all the different character flags! Really effective!



Nintendo Character Flags

If you would like to make your own Nintendo character flags, I’ve uploaded 12 to my ImageShack account for you to download and print on A4 paper. You can do this straight from the Windows Picture Viewer (or the Mac equivalent) as it will print them the right size. Or you could open it up in Word, but set the margins to narrow so that it fills up the page.

Just click on the image of each flag to open up a full size image for you to print – just right click and savnintendo-party-flag-mario nintendo-party-flag-luigi nintendo-party-flag-yoshi nintendo-party-flag-toad nintendo-party-flag-peach nintendo-party-flag-donkey-kong nintendo-party-flag-bowser nintendo-party-flag-bob-omb nintendo-party-flag-boo nintendo-party-flag-koopa-troopa nintendo-party-flag-goombae to your computer.

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