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We’re moving! Only a temporary one for now, but a move nonetheless! I’m so excited I could burst as it means a new start and a chance for me to really declutter our stuff!

Since our move is temporary – perhaps only for a few months, I’ve had to get super organised when it’s come to packing all of our worldly possessions.

So, what I’ve done is make packing box labels – one for each room (to cover our needs) and a few extras for those rooms that we don’t have, but you might…as well as a blank label because, no doubt, I won’t be able to cover every base!

Each label is A5 ish in size, so you can fit two to a page – nice and big so that they can be clearly seen when stuck to your packing boxes. I use the Windows Photo Gallery to print these off which means I can print two to a page easily.

There is a big red arrow to indicate which way up the box should be, and there is plenty of space to write down the contents of the box. I’ve also added space to number the boxes e.g. Box 3 of 10, to help you keep track and to make sure you have all of your boxes when you move.

Each file is zipped into a rar file which will need to be unzipped to get all the files out. I use WinRAR to unzip my files, which you can download from Rarlab. It’s a free programme and very easy to use.

Download Moving House Packing Box Label Printables

Moving House Packing Box Label Printables

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