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Earlier on I shared my Moving House Packing Box Labels and told you how, even though we are moving, it’s just a temporary one…potentially we could be moving house twice this year – eek! So, to that end, I have to be extremely well organised, so on top of the packing box labels, I’ve also made some box content lists so that I can itemise exactly what is in each box. That way, since I won’t be unpacking all of our boxes, if I do need something, I can locate exactly which box it is in quickly and easily.

I actually plan on transferring these lists to my computer so that I can use the ‘find’ function to make things even easier.

I think this method will be great for things like DVDs, CDs and books. Plus, it’s been a great way for me to really start organising my craft stuff for when we are finally settled and I can have a craft room!

Again, I’ve created lists for each of the rooms we need, plus extra bedrooms and a blank list too. I’ve also added the box numbers at the bottom of each list so you can tally up the list to a box.

Each file is zipped into a rar file which will need to be unzipped to get all the files out. I use WinRAR to unzip my files, which you can download from Rarlab. It’s a free programme and very easy to use.

Download Moving House Box Contents Lists

Moving House Box Contents Lists - Free Printables!

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