Magical Unicorn Crafts

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These unicorn crafts are not only magical, but also fun to do. If you love unicorns and crafting, then you’ve found the perfect place!

Unicorns have taken over the world in the past few years haven’t they? And for good reason – they are such pretty creatures and are a beautiful subject for crafting inspiration.

You might not need these crafts now, but make sure you can find them when you do…
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Magical Unicorn Crafts

Magical Unicorn Crafts

I’ve shared lots of great craft ideas on The Purple Pumpkin Blog over the years, in fact, there are 100+ crafts to make and do at home that you can try!

If you are looking for a specific craft, please use the search function which you will find in the sidebar on desktop/laptops, or at the bottom of the screen on mobile devices.

I won’t promise that you’ll find the exact thing you are looking for – there’s only so much one blogger can do! BUT you might find something else that you want to try instead! You are always welcome to contact me with suggestions. I try to accommodate as many reader requests as I can!

With so many different types of crafts on my blog, I have organised them into different categories, including this one for unicorn-themed crafts. There are not as many crafts for this magical creature as I would like, but I will be adding to it over time.

Magical Unicorn Crafts

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As I already mentioned, there is a bit of a lack of crafts for those whimsical unicorns, but there are more on the horizon!

Until then, why not check out how to make Homemade Unicorn Soaps which will add a fairy tale touch to your bathroom. They would also make a great gift for unicorn fans, and if you’re throwing a unicorn themed party, these soaps would make an awesome party favor!

Unicorn Craft Supplies

Every craft tutorial is going to require different materials and tools. Basics like scissors and glue are likely to be in your craft stash already, but for unicorn-themed crafts, you will [probably!] need GLITTER!! Which is available in all sorts of colors – and sizes too! From fine glitter and chunky glitter to glitter glue (great for younger children to use) and glitter confetti shapes. Having a range of pastel and rainbow-colored supplies like paper, cardstock, chenille stems/pipe cleaners, pompoms, and other embellishments will come in handy too.

I have also rounded up 30+ enchanting unicorn crafts from my blogging community. These unicorn craft ideas are suitable for all crafting skill levels. They include sweet makes like party bags, paper crafts, headbands, sensory bottles, and even bath bombs!

30+ Unicorn Crafts to try at home! Make your life more magical with these cute unicorn inspired crafts. Suitable for crafting skills of all types, and includes sweet makes like party bags, paper crafts, headbands, sensory bottles, and even bath bombs!

For more unicorn fun, check out my Unicorn Printables, including these super sweet unicorn coloring pages, and an Always Be A Unicorn print that you can frame and display at home. I’ll be including printable unicorn crafts in the future too!

AND, there is more unicorn awesomeness in the form of 25+ Unicorn Recipes, which again are a roundup from my blogging friends.

If you are not too confident in your DIY crafting skills, craft kits are a great place to start! Here are some unicorn craft kits that I think look like so much fun!

And if you really don’t have a crafty bone in your body, but want a homemade unicorn gift for someone, why not some cute unicorn earrings from Etsy?

Sharing is Caring!