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Looking at this pretty Heart Wreath Sign Craft you wouldn’t believe that it is made with inexpensive supplies from the Dollar Store (or equivalent!) This DIY Valentine’s Day craft would make a lovely piece of décor for your home, or even as a sweet gift for a loved one.

Heart shaped grapevine wreath decorated with faux roses and leaves, on a wooden backing sign made from popsicle sticks and hanging on a wooden background. Text overlay says"Heart Wreath Hanging Sign Craft" Photos of the same sign throughout from different angles and text overlay unless otherwise described.

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Heart Wreath Sign Craft

The full list of materials, tools, and instructions are found in the printable tutorial card at the end of this post. I highly recommend reading the blog post all the way through before starting this project to ensure that you have everything required and understand the steps and timings involved.

I have always love crafting, but I have to make crafts that serve a purpose! Like this heart wreath sign craft that will make a pretty decoration for Valentine’s Day!

It is made using wooden craft (popsicle) sticks that are glued together to form the backing board – and using brown and white paint to turn the plain wood into looking like distressed wood.

Then a mini heart-shaped grapevine wreath form is stuck onto the board and decorated with faux roses and leaves.

Finally, some twine is attached so that you can hang up the sign, and you are done!

If you’re in the USA, check out your local Dollar Store or Dollar Tree; and if you’re in the UK, the PoundshopThe RangeWilko, and Baker Ross are great places to shop for cheap and inexpensive craft supplies. The rest of the world reading this – I don’t know every cheap store – sorry! But hunt the ones out in your location for craft bargains!

Heart Wreath Sign Craft Supplies - popsicle/craft sticks, brown and white paint, fake roses and leaves, twine, and heart grapevine wreath forms.
Heart Wreath Sign Craft Supplies

Materials & Tools Used in This Craft

For your convenience, I’ve linked any specialized materials and tools needed for this craft to Amazon below. The full list of supplies, which may include basic crafting items that you already have can be found in the tutorial card at the end of this post.

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Sweet DIY Heart Sign
Rose Wreath for Valentine's Day

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Text overlay says "Flower Heart Wreath Sign - Valentine's Day Craft." 3 images showing glue being applied to craft sticks, fake roses applied to wreath form, and completed wreath as previously described.

How Do I Make Heart Wreath Sign?

Just check out the how-to card below with full materials, tools, instructions and demonstration photos. You can print the card out too (don’t worry, the pics don’t print to save your ink!).

Heart Sign Craft for Valentine's Day

Heart & Flowers Hanging Sign

Yield: 1
Active Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Beginner

This DIY Valentine's Day craft would make a lovely piece of décor for your home, or even as a sweet gift for a loved one.


  • 1 (4") Heart-shaped Grapevine Wreath Form
  • 14 Craft/Popsicle Sticks
  • 1 Bunch of Small Plastic Roses (approx. 8-10 individual flowers)
  • Twine
  • White Acrylic Paint
  • Brown Acrylic Paint


  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Hot Glue Gun and glue stick


  1. Horizontally line up 11 craft sticks.

  2. Glue the remaining 3 sticks vertically, keeping the same width apart. This will keep all of the other sticks together.

    Backing Sticks
  3. Turn over and paint the sticks white.

    Painting Sticks White
  4. While still wet, destress it a bit by dipping into brown paint and going over it. Allow to dry for 5 minutes.

    Adding Brown Paint

    Wipe off your brush and go back into the brown to darken it up, mostly around the edges. Wipe off brush again and go back in with white in the center.

    Adding More Brown Paint
  5. Set aside to dry for about an hour.
  6. Glue the heart grapevine wreath form to the sticks. Add more glue as needed, and press until the glue has dried, about 30 seconds or so.

  7. Remove roses from stems by cutting them off.
  8. Randomly glue roses where they look nice, on the inside and outside rim of the heart.

  9. Cut off the small tips of the leaf stems, as well as individual larger leaves.

    Cutting Off Leaves
  10. Glue the leaves randomly around the roses and the heart.

    Attaching Leaves to Wreath
  11. Cut a piece of twine to about 6” (15cm) or to the length you would like.
  12. Turn the sign over and add a little glue to one top corner and carefully glue one end of the twine. (Use another craft stick to press down so you don’t get burned!) Add more glue over it to secure it. Once that has hardened, do the same to the other side.

    Attaching Twine
  13. Once completely dry, you can hang up and enjoy!

    Heart Sign Craft for Valentine's Day

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